You can now get your cannabis delivered in California like your dealer used to do

A new regulation enacted by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control is allowing statewide marijuana home deliveries, including in municipalities which have chosen to ban commercial or retail sales despite cannabis being legal throughout the state. This means the entire state of California, where medical marijuana has been legal since 1996 and recreational marijuana since 2016, can finally have cannabis arrive at its doorsteps.

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The regulation was enacted by the state Bureau of Cannabis Control. Since legalization, municipalities have had the option to enact local laws banned cannabis sales, or take no action to set up legal sales, thus creating large areas of the state where legal marijuana sales were essentially forbidden. The new regulation also intended to clear up what was apparently a mess of conflicting regulations about where cannabis could and could not be delivered in California.

“The public spoke loud and clear in favor of statewide delivery,” cannabis bureau spokesman Alex Traverso said in a statement to USA Today. Both cannabis companies and consumers, who were either cut out of the legal cannabis market or longed for the convenience of having your dealer show up at your door with some bud, backed the new regulation.

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Those who opposed it, including police chiefs and The League of California Cities, appear to have represented entrenched interests whose power over local cannabis markets was being challenged by the law. They predicted it would “create an unruly market of largely hidden pot transactions, while undercutting control by cities and counties,” says USA Today. How ordering something online and getting it delivered by UPS creates an unruly and hidden market isn’t immediately clear though. Just ask the world’s largest delivery service, which also happens to be headquartered in the state,

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