The Year in Pot: PotNetwork Looks Back at 2017

Dec 31, 2017

Over the last few days here at PotNetwork, we took an extensive look at how the industry and the entire world of cannabis grew, changed, and evolved in 2017 with a series of year-end posts. Check them all out here.

The Top 10 Cannabis Stories of 2017

America finally turned pro-pot by almost every measure, except of course the current Presidential administration and the Federal Department of Justice, both of which are objecting to the national trend. So far, however, their posturing hasn't hampered what by now is a national trend.

2017: A Year in Cannabis Culture

In 2017, Cannabis was everywhere. A new cannabis church opened in Denver, and reporting from the New York Times made it sound like just another congregation of faithful coming together for a Sunday service, which in a lot of ways it was.

In 2017 Cannabis Stocks Were Red-Hot As The Marijuana Index Soared

It was cannabis a-go-go at the stock market this year, especially for Canadian cannabis stocks, which blew up in the last three or four months of the year. The number of cannabis stocks on the market also expanded, from 27 to 35 by the end of the year.

This Year Cannabis Culture Became More Normalized, And Ubiquitous, Than Ever

Marijuana went extremely mainstream this year and could even, dare we say, be on the verge of being... slightly boring? Okay, not quite, but at least cannabis has lost much of its nefarious edge in the cultural mindset. Heck, even Miley Cyrus quit.

2017 Spreads Cannabis Freedom Across the Globe

Cannabis became legal in a few more states this year and saw some great political advances around the globe. Among the highlights, Canada went recreational. Over in the formerly Soviet Republic of Georgia, the good stuff was decriminalization. The Spanish region of Catalonia made it legal too, and in Mexico medical marijuana got the A-OK, with an eye toward national recreational legalization.

Cannabis Stock Report Year In Review 2017 (Part I): Technology, Takeovers, And Turmoil

As it grows and matures into its own, the cannabis industry has been learning some big lessons about just how ruthless big business can get. There were takeovers, technological advances, and even some "guerilla tactics."

Cannabis Stock Report Year In Review 2017 (Part II): Billions Made, Billions Threatened, Billions Stolen

This is an industry in explosive growth and radical flux. "The year-in-cannabis 2017 was a necessary one - a bridge between the voter revolutions of 2016 and the fully realized world of legalization in 2018. Billions were made, billions were threatened, and billions were stolen.  It continues to add up to an industry ready to break out but still waiting for permission." Big money baby!

While 2017 Lawmakers Wrap Up 2016 Bills, 2018 Is Gearing Up To Be a Banner Year For Pot

Finally, we ended our roundup with a bang and a look what is to come for pot. This is an incredible new world we're already in, and the future of cannabis is looking more bodacious than ever.

Photo via Flickr/Mardi Grass

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