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World’s largest cannabis superstore and entertainment complex opens in Vegas

The world’s largest retail cannabis store opened last Tuesday in Las Vegas. Like the opening of a Las Vegas casino, the grand opening of Planet 13 was packed with cannabis industry types, politicians, and probably even a few D-list celebrities. Leafly reported that state Sen. Tick Segerblom and the mayor of North Las Vegas Pamela Goynes-Brown were in attendance, along with several hundred other people. Guests drank and noshed, but the shelves were not yet stocked, so it was a ‘cannabis-dry’ event, so to speak.

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A look inside the store/ Courtsey Planet 13

Set inside a whopping 112,000 square foot warehouse, the $7.5 million Planet 13 super-store dispensary features 45 cash registers, a digital koi pond floor, and hovering drone light orbs. The outside signage is an 18-foot red orb gurgling and steaming water. The glitz is designed “to help us to try to out-Vegas Vegas,” said Larry Scheffler, one of the two business partners. “We wanted to do something audacious that’s never been done in Vegas or the world,” said the other partner, Bob Groesbeck.

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Legal cannabis commerce started out on the fringes, with dispensaries that looked like cleaned up versions of your local head shop. When a cannabis dispensary looks like a Nike Store, that’s pretty good evidence that cannabis is moving to the center of American consumer life. Planet 13 is just off the strip but in walking distance to major Vegas casino resorts such as the Wynn, Mirage, Venetian, Palazzo, and Treasure Island.

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