Which App Will Help You Find the Best Cannabis High?

Jul 25, 2018

Having trouble finding the perfect cannabis strain? Well, there’s an app for that. Two apps as a matter of fact. Strainprint and Releaf are two apps, both available for free on iOS and Android, designed to help tokers track their preferred strains in real time. High Times reviewed both of them. Here are the key points:


Strainprint gives you points when you’re high. Basically, the more you use it, the more points you obtain for swag like t-shirts, stash jars, or even a vaporizer. However, that’s just the most superficial of its perks.

Strainprint is very data-based, asking you to enter the dosage you’ve just consumed, and then to rate on a one-to-ten scale the effect during certain intervals. If your headache dropped from a nine to a four during your smoke sesh, you'd report it. Then you’ll report how the weed made you feel by entering things like ‘sleepy, etc. Strainpoint then uses the data and anonymously reports it to researchers, growers, and retailers, which is how it makes money.

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Releaf is even more detailed about the specific strain in question:

“When you enter a strain into Releaf, you can get extremely detailed, entering the grower, harvest date, batch number, and all the testing data—not just the total percentage of THC and CBD, but also eight other cannabinoids and over a dozen terpenes. If you don’t have all that info, just leave those fields blank, but it’s nice to be able to keep track. I also use the Notes field on each strain to remember where I bought it, and how much I paid.”

Then it goes into lots of detail as far as how you’re feeling in one of many categories and subcategories, like how your mind feels (does it feel focused, reflective, creative, peaceful, etc.) and how your body feels (hungry, tingly, couch-locked, etc.), what your mood is, and what side effects you might be feeling. It also tracks the number of hits you’ll take (press ‘hit’ whenever you take one) in real time.

Just like Strainprint, Releaf also sells your data anonymously.

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