What you should know about the quality of cannabis seeds before you grow

Jun 3, 2019

Whether you are planning to plant cannabis for personal use, or sell it to others, it is essential to make products of the highest quality. That depends a lot on the production process, but it is also vital to choose superb cannabis seeds. It may not be an easy task, so here is what you have to know before you grow.

Factors to consider when choosing marijuana seeds

When you plan to buy a microdosing psychedelics pack, you want the best one in the market. You should use the same approach for cannabis seeds — if you're going to make outstanding products, you need top-quality seeds. Here are the factors that can help in the process of choosing them.

How they look and feel

Your eyes will be the first tool to use in determining the quality of cannabis. For starters, inspect the outer shell of the seed and look for dark colors.

If you find shades of black or gray, the chances are right it is a good seed. A combination of white and green indicates that the seed is young and immature. While that may not mean it is of bad quality, it will take longer for it to deliver results, which is why you want your seeds to be of perfect age for planting. Look for black, grey, or even tiger-like stripes as indicators of quality.

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Now, take the seeds in your hand. Do they feel firm when you touch them? Try squeezing them with a couple of fingers, but don’t be too harsh. You do not want to apply brute force like you are bending metal.

A moderate squeeze is enough to prove that the seed is firm and can withstand pressure, which recommends it for planting. Old seeds or those of low quality will break, and you should walk away from them.

Finally, grab the seed and place it in the sunlight (or any other bright light). A high-quality seed will have a radiant glow, and it will seem like it has a wax coating.

You should also avoid buying seeds from a bag. Even if the quality is decent, the chances are the bag only adds weight, which means you will overspend when purchasing seeds.


If you have the time, germinate them

The best way to determine seed quality is to place them in the soil. You will see the genetic potential quickly, and you will know whether you should buy more of the same seeds. If you are a first-time grower, it would be wise to test the seeds before you buy a significant amount. Unfortunately, this does take a bit of time, which commercial growers might not have.

Find a reliable source

Another way to find out that you are purchasing high-quality seeds is to ensure they come from a reliable source. You can consider heading to a well-known seed bank that has many positive reviews. It may be wise to ask a friend who is a grower to recommend a seed bank.

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Alternatively, you can buy seeds directly from a grower. In this case, it is essential that you know them, or that a trustworthy party recommends them. It is not that often that amateur growers can produce top-quality seeds, which is why you should make sure their skill and experience can meet your demands.

Float test

If you want to know more about the seed quality, consider conducting the float test. Here is how that works — grab a big glass and fill it with water. You can also use a jar made of glass. Also, make sure to use distilled or spring water. Now, grab the seeds and put them on the surface.

It would be best if you leave the seeds a couple of hours before determining the results. If they remain on top, they are probably of poor quality, and you should walk away. However, if the seeds sink, they are worth investing in because they are in top shape. The reason why you need to give them a bit of time to sink is that seeds might take a while to absorb water.

One thing to keep in mind is that putting the seeds in water activates germination. You should germinate the seeds that spent time in water immediately, or you risk making them unusable.

What types of cannabis seeds can I buy?

The first choice you have is going with feminized marijuana seeds, which have high chances of achieving a feminine plant production because of their genetic alteration. Feminine seeds are the only ones that develop flowers, and they are a smart pick for both the first-time and experienced growers.

You can consider auto-flowering seeds as an alternative. They are a product of a crossing of cannabis indica or sativa with a plant called Ruderalis.


Other considerations when growing cannabis

Here are some other things that you should consider when growing cannabis:

  • Outdoor or indoor planting – if you only plant for personal use, the chances are you can have enough room indoors. However, if you want to plant significant quantities, you may want to consider an outdoor solution.

  • Secure the right conditions – cannabis seeds need to have enough water to grow. You also need to ensure optimal temperature, although this is a reasonably durable plant that should not have problems with cold or hot weather as long as the conditions are not severe. If you are planting indoors, you want to consider lighting, too.

If you set your mind on growing cannabis, it is vital that you are ready to cultivate the plant. That means you should take care of it throughout the entire process. That is the only way how you can ensure that you will have top-quality cannabis to use or sell.

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Is it smart to plant cannabis?

You will find many studies trying to evaluate the benefits and risks of using cannabis for medical purposes. However, it is undeniable that high-quality cannabis can bring multiple health benefits with or without psychoactive effects. Since the base of users seems to be expanding every day, it can be a smart move to start growing the plant today. You’ll find several cannabis-based products in the market like CBD oil, organic CBD gummies, cannabis topicals, cannabis pet food, edibles, etc. Using these products is going to be extremely beneficial for the health and well-being of your body.

Kathy T. Cooley writes about cannabis. Her work has appeared in The Fresh Toast, Greendorphin, Cannabis Culture, and more.
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