Weekend Unlimited LIVE and Snoop Dogg celebrate Gov. Cuomo’s push towards cannabis legalization in New York: Exclusive images

Looking to celebrate early was Weekend Unlimited USA Inc. (CSE:YOLO) (FWB:0OS1) whose event division, Weekend Unlimited LIVE, threw a party in honor of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement that he would push to legalize cannabis in the state. According to a statement, the move could generate more than $1.7 billion in sales annually while helping New York to compete with neighboring states like New Jersey.

Cuomo pledged to put the issue at the forefront of his agenda, making it a hallmark of his first 100 days in office of his new term. At his inauguration on New Years’ Day, he promised constituents cannabis reform would be part of what he called “the most progressive agenda this state has ever seen, period.”

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“When they write the history books and ask what did we do - in the face of anger and division, when people were disillusioned, let New York's answer be that in this defining moment we brought healing and light and hope and progress and action,” Cuomo said in his inaugural speech.

“That New York led on legalizing recreational marijuana, bringing justice and new economic opportunity not for rich corporations, but for the poor communities that paid too high a price for too long,” he continued.

The event was a star-studded affair held at New York City’s Pomona & Savage Lounge, featuring a DJ set by cannabis entrepreneur and icon Snoop Dogg.

Others in attendance included cannabis advocate Jack Brewer, restauranteur Barry Mullineaux, and nightlife impresario Carlos Antonio, former NFL safety Sergio Brown, Real Housewives Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan, Mob wife Ramona Rizzo, Miss USA,  Miss New York Genesis Camilo, Terrence J, and DJ Whoo Kid.

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Weekend Unlimited LIVE promotes itself as a live-event concept, and according to a statement features concerts, music festivals, exclusive parties, celebrities, charity, and other special branded events. The goal is to promote the company’s products and brands. The company will stage future events with Carlos Antonio Productions of New York City.

Check out exclusive pictures of Snoop Dogg at the event below:


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