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Weed-Friendly Restaurants and Bars, and Other Cannabis Dining Destinations Across L.A.

By Sean McCaughan
Jan 11, 2018

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in California, "Buying weed is easier than ever, but there are more places to consume cannabis products than pot shops," says Eater L.A. And the number of venues catering the recreational cannabis consumer is only growing.

Regulations for both bars and restaurants are still being ironed out, with many not even being finalized, but Eater tracked down all of them which are open already. First, there are the private cannabis dinners, a staple of L.A. pot culture.

"Private weed dinners remain a steady part of LA cannabis culture. A bit of secrecy surrounds these meals, with the location often revealed the day of the event. Some businesses actually screen attendees. Prices start at $100 per person, and can run as high as $500 for a multiple course dinner."

As it is still illegal according to state law to serve THC and alcohol at the same venue, most restaurants and bars stick to CBD-only menus.

West Hollywood’s Gracias Madre has been serving CBD since 2016. Former bartender Jason Eisner created the CBD-laced stoney negroni, rolled fashioned, and vegan sour with no egg whites to match the entirely vegan food menu. 

The fashion-themed Pattern Bar has been serving CBD cocktails since 2016. They created the Armani, with New Amsterdam gin, CBD oil, muddled lime, orange, mint, elderflower liqueur, sparkling wine, and a glowing green ice cube. Drinkers can add CBD to any drink for $5 dollars.

Other venues serving CBD drinks include Santa Monica's Bondi Harvest and the Moon Juice bar, which has three locations around L.A.

The CBD and alcohol law can be accommodated, by serving them in separate spaces that happen to be on the same premises, as the Standard Hotel is planning to do when it opens an upscale pot shop.

Photo via the Standard Hotel Instagram showing a product of the hotel's new weed shop.

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