Watch: Breaking Habits, a documentary about weed-growing nuns, is hitting theaters April 19

Breaking Habits is directed by Rob Ryan


Breaking Habits, a documentary about a formerly high-flying corporate exec, Christine Meeusen, who left her stealing, polygamist husband to make a living for her family in the lucrative world of cannabis while benefiting others, has released its latest trailer and announced its theatrical and on-demand release date: April 19, 2019.

[As CEO, CannAmerica’s Dan Anglin wants a piece of the hemp and CBD market. As a Marine, he wants veterans to have access to cannabis too.]

Transforming from her former life, Christine became Sister Kate and founded the Sisters of the Valley, a group of quasi-nuns “on a mission to provide her products to those in need,’ according to a press release.

Directed by Rob Ryan, the entrepreneurs open up about past traumas that led them down this path, the consequences they face by pursuing it, from the likes of the county sheriff to drug cartels, and as High Snobiety puts it, why they’ve chosen to make marijuana their “higher calling.”


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