Walmart Sold a 7-Foot Tall Faux-Marijuana Christmas Tree Until Yesterday

The mega-retail giant Walmart sold a novelty marijuana Christmas tree that would "light up" the room until yesterday, when the impressively large (7 feet!) fake conifer-like conically-shaped gag joke disappeared from, speculatively for 'political differences.' Some of the more lighthearted media outlets, like Weed News and the Kansas City Star, however, are out there are having a bit of fun at the majestic tree's expense. And how could they not with a product description littered with delicious puns:

“This Pot Leaf Christmas tree will ‘light up’ the room and put your mind in the right head-space for holiday cheer,” it reads.

“You’ll be able to relax and giggle at the marijuana leaves and decorate it as you please. This alternative Christmas tree is perfect for personal top shelf life at home or as a medical dispensary decoration. Green Wishes and Happy Holidhaze!”​

Weed News notes that the price tag, a whopping $250, was more than three ounces of actual cannabis "at some dispensaries in Oregon."

Consider the time and effort it would take to trim a pot plant into a tree-shaped topiary, and you be the judge.

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