Vodka Bottle Bongs, An Alcohol Marketing Gimmick Invented in 2005, are Still a Thing

Mar 9, 2018

In 2005, a Florida product designer invented the bong-shaped vodka bottle. First exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach, the international art fair, the bottle came off to observers as an edgy curiosity or slapstick conceptual art object (the fancy art fair unveiling would help with that), that made a clear political statement. Just like a million other political nick-nacks, the vodka bottle bong could have died a quick, unnoticed, death. Instead, Bong Spirit Vodka has been on store shelves ever since. published a celebration of the bulb-shaped glass alcoholic novelty that could--an article that quickly turned into a long, gag-joke about why scotch is better (none of the reasons having to do with cannabis), but also explaining the thought process behind its creation. Yes, even alcoholic carrying one-line gags have to be designed. Here’s how the designer explained his work:

Beach claimed he was inspired to make the design “on the symbolism of the bong as a communal object, and the subcultural role it has represented for decades as an icon for the underground art and entertainment community.” But it’s also pretty nifty because after you drink all the booze, you can pop the plastic label off the bottom, wedge a stem in it and use it as an actual bong.

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