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VividGro Joins Forces with WeGrow App

Feb 6, 2018

VividGro, a leader in LED lighting technology, just acquired WeGrow, a leading app for home growers. These two pioneers in the cannabis industry may have just hit the jackpot by joining forces. 

Why WeGrow?

WeGrow is unique. The app uses chatbot-based technology in order to engage seasoned and new-to-the-scene growers in a conversation that guides them through the grow experience. Growers talk to Elle who, armed with artificial intelligence, researches and delivers everything one needs to know about growing marijuana at home. 

But this isn’t your typical bot. Talking to Elle is like talking to a friend via text. She messages growers every day to keep up with their progress, offers step-by-step growing instructions, and answers any and all questions about temperature, nutrients, humidity, even equipment.

As far as equipment goes, VivdGro’s LED lights are some of the best in the industry. LED lighting is preferred among millennial growers because it can be manipulated to give the marijuana plants the ideal light spectrum for growth. Combining this kind of agricultural tech with the social technology of WeGrow’s app means both companies can be directly involved with every step of the grow process. 

And it means growers in the cannabis industry get the best of both worlds. 

How will VividGro and WeGrow grow together?

This acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time. Growing your own at home isn’t as dubious as it used to be. Pot growers have more financial and organizational support than they used to. In this year alone, California issued over 500 temporary licenses to farmers across the state for grow operations. And as simple home growing becomes more and more popular, home-grown cannabis crops could yield $3 billion for the marijuana market by 2021. 

VividGro’s president, David Friedman, also sees home grows as the key to expansion. In the company’s press release Tuesday morning, he said, “VividGro acquired WeGrow to further its transition from a provider of LED lighting solutions to being an integrated AgTech company that provides crop-agnostic hardware and software solutions to indoor farmers of all varieties and sizes.” By working together, both companies aim to connect with growers online and off with a range of tools and applications.

But their sights are set much higher than cannabis. VividGro’s vision to become an integrated tech company parallels WeGrow’s effort to be a leader in horticulture customer service. The two want to be at the forefront of everything agriculture – from cannabis to homegrown greens and tomatoes. 

In this day and age, the trend for home gardening is on the rise. Things like cooperative gardens are more common, and even restaurants are looking into ways to grow their own veggies. Ultimately, WeGrow and VividGro want to tap into this trend and deliver more smart-bot assistants and state-of-the-art resources to help growers improve their yield.

When two tech companies join forces to bring hardware and software to agriculture, it’s the growers who truly win.


VividGro is a subsidiary of Lighting Science (OTCMKTS: LSCG).



[photo credit: ExtensivelyReviewed]
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