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VIDEO: TD Ameritrade channels Nancy Reagan with a new message about marijuana stocks, tells investors to “just say no”

By Brandon A. Dorfman
Oct 01, 2018

“The marijuana and cannabis industry, sometimes referred to as the wild west of investing is littered with high-flyers, potentially over-valued companies and even scams,” begins a recently released educational video from TD Ameritrade, titled “Investing in Marijuana Stocks: Risks & Considerations.” And it only goes downhill from there.


Aside from terrible, but not unexpected puns about the “budding” marijuana industry and investments that could go “up in smoke,” the video has little value to investors other than as a reminder that the old guard will do whatever it takes to hold onto power. Comparing marijuana stocks to the dot-com bubble and the housing crisis of the last decade, TD places a heavy premium on scare tactics in this one.

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Should marijuana stock investors do their due diligence? Absolutely. Is Tilray the credit default swap of modern times? We’ll let you decide.

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