VIDEO: This Pot Mom Is A Winning CBD Hemp Oil Entrepreneur

May 22, 2018

Shira Adler —author, speaker, and instigator —is a next-generation advocate in the CBD Hemp Oil movement, a leader in a network of educators and entrepreneurs changing the face of the cannabis industry. Founder of her own unique wellness company,, Adler brought to market her own line of potent organic hemp CBD products as well as a one-of-a-kind CBD-infused aromatherapy line. She is known on Twitter as #ThePotMom, and her holistic approach to CBD oil, along with the world around her, has brought a better understanding of the power of CBD oil to scores of people around her.

Adler’s book, The ABC’s of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (And regular folks too), is an essential guide to understanding the benefits of cannabidiol; a book that bridges the divide between cannabis culture, health and wellness, and everyday society looking to understand both. “Perhaps this is why the subject of CBD and cannabis culture has moved from piquing my interest to becoming my passion and purpose,” Adler writes, describing her journey into the world of CBD before pivoting to a more global view. “When we see cannabis, CBD, and hemp lingo seep into pop culture it signifies a shift.”

We caught up with Shira Adler at the Cannabis Learn Conference in Philadelphia to discuss her background as an advocate for CBD oil, her entrepreneurial ventures, and her thoughts on the industry as a whole. Check out the full interview below:

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