VIDEO: Meet A True Pioneer In The CBD Hemp Oil Market

May 15, 2018

Recovering from a severe injury, and looking for pain relief outside the avenue of powerful narcotics, Scott Leshman produced his own CBD edibles, which became the first step toward founding his own CBD oil and edible company, Cannabinoid Creations. “I didn’t want anything psychoactive or addictive like the prescription medications I had already tried unsuccessfully,” Scott notes on his company website.”After a lot of trial and error, I was able to find a simple, legal solution to my own problems using natural CBD hemp oil as the active ingredient, and that became my ‘secret weapon’ for combatting recurring pain.”

Cannabinoid Creations is home to exotic CBD Hemp Soda flavors, CBD Hard Candies, CBD gummies, CBD Oil, and of course, their High Times Cannabis Cup, award-winning CBD Chocolates. A true pioneer, owner, and founder Scott Leshman has been learning and refining his CO2 extraction techniques since the early 2000s, making his one of the few companies that can legitimately claim they are not just jumping on the CBD oil bandwagon.

We caught up with Scott recently at the Cannabis Learn conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to discuss his company, the CBD oil market, and how Cannabinoid Creations fought (and beat) the law in the now infamous Operation Candy Crush in Tennessee. Watch the video below:

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