VIDEO: Former NHL Player Riley Cote Drops The Gloves For Hemp Oil

May 26, 2018

While a healthy debate over marijuana legalization continues to rage in the public sphere, a bipartisan coalition of politicians has joined together with a network of advocates to attempt to advance legislation easing restrictions on hemp, while educating the public on the benefits of hemp oil and its close cousin, CBD oil. One such group, The Hemp Heals Foundation, has brought together some of the most prominent names in sports and advocacy to promote and lobby for a better understanding of what they call “the world’s most perfect plant.”

With former Philadelphia Flyer Riley Cote of the National Hockey League taking the lead, the organization is making waves throughout Pennsylvania and beyond to give people a better understanding of how hemp can be used in everyday life. According to the organization, every part of the plant, from seeds to leaves can be used as part of a modern-day wellness regimen, aiding in everything from nourishment to healing.

“Hemp contains all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life,” notes Hemp Heals.

At the recent Cannabis Learn conference in Philadelphia Pennsylvania we caught up with Leellen Kimmel and  Riley Cote to discuss the organization, the upcoming Hemp Heals Festival, and the benefits of Hemp oil in the age of opioids. Check out both interviews below:

Part I - Former NHL Player Riley Cote Drops The Gloves For Hemp Oil

Part II - This Is What Hemp Oil Is To Health and Wellness

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