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VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Duane Morris Attorney David Feldman on what to expect at the FDA hearings on CBD this week

May 31, 2019

At the Cannabis World Congress and Expo in New York City on Thursday the showroom floor was abuzz in anticipation of the upcoming Food and Drug Administration hearings on the regulation of CBD. The event, which features a number of prominent and emerging CBD companies coincides with Friday’s hearing — the first since the passage of the farm bill in 2018 which legalized the production of hemp.

At the public hearing on Friday, a number of interested parties are set to speak, including doctors, consumers, and industry insiders, many of whom are hoping to finally have some clarification from the FDA on what they can, and cannot do with CBD.

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In what would appear to be a not-so-good sign for the unregulated CBD industry, the FDA’s principal deputy commissioner, Dr. Amy Abernethy put out a series of tweets earlier this month questioning the science and efficacy of many of the claims the industry has made about CBD.

“There are many open questions about CBD, incl. safety questions,” Abernathy tweeted as part of a long thread. “In particular, we’re working to learn more about the potential risks of CBD, such as toxicity to the liver, when someone ingests it regularly over a long period of time, perhaps from several types of CBD products.”

In the end, Abernathy did vow to follow the science, wherever it goes.

Currently, there is only one FDA approved drug containing CBD, GW Pharmaceuticals Epidiolex. That formulation is designated for two very specific forms of childhood epilepsy. And part of the issue with Epidiolex is that once a drug is approved by the FDA, it cannot be sold in foods and supplements.

Currently, the cannabis industry is full of companies selling CBD as gummies, capsules, candies, and more. Some popular food chains have even discussed putting the compound in everything from cheeseburgers to tea.

At the CWCBExpo, PotNetwork News caught up with attorney David Feldman who helps to head up the cannabis law group at the Duane Morris law firm. Feldman spoke openly about what he expects from Friday’s hearings, and what he thinks the industry will look like in the next few years.

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“[They’re] either going to deem it to be a drug or decide it’s going to be a dietary supplement,” said Feldman, echoing the sentiments of the FDA in recent months concerning CBD.

Duane Morris is sending some of their top lawyers from their D.C. office to the hearings, as it looks to be one of the hottest tickets in town for the members of the cannabis industry.

(Header Image by Juan Carlos Tamayo)
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