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VIDEO: Cannabis advocate and TribeTokes founder Degelis Tufts talks the future of CBD at the CWCBExpo in New York City

The CWCBExpo in New York City continued this week among a backdrop of both hype and tension for the recently held FDA regulatory hearings on the future of CBD. The buzz on the showroom floor from exhibitors and attendees alike was one of nervous excitement — a community hopeful that the FDA would soon step in and bring some regulatory guidance to the wild west of the CBD industry, while at the same time apprehensive that the governmental body may overstep its bounds.

PotNetwork News spoke with one such company; an up-and-coming brand called TribeTokes that “creates and distributes merchandise with an elevated aesthetic for the next generation cannabis consumer.” Led by founder Degelis Tufts, it was one of the few women-led companies at the event, a sorely-needed constituent in the industry.

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Tufts is an investor, entrepreneur, and cannabis legalization advocate who first began with TribeTats metallic tattoos. TribeTokes sleekly-branded selection of CBD Vape Cartridges, Pods, and other accessories put on full display an industry ready for the new millennium, one that understands consumer trends and how to target an audience.

“Hemp and cannabis brands of today and tomorrow are rapidly transforming from niche, local and underground to corporate, mass-consumer facing and maintaining a global reach,” Tufts told PotNetwork News in an exclusive interview. “The murky waters of federal regulations are not stopping the entrepreneurs that you’ll see at CWCBE from creating the best cannabis products for their consumers.”

She continued: “Like TribeTokes, the brands you’ll see throughout cannabis week are transforming how the world sees cannabis consumers. With the potential to encroach on a trillion dollar market by 2050, legal cannabis is the next gold rush. Since states started allowing cannabis enterprise through legalization, the market has only doubled and tripled and continues to grow year over year. We’re thrilled to be among the names making the growing market and cultural cornerstone a reality.”

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How the next few weeks, months, and even years play out for the CBD industry will depend on several mitigating factors, some of which may be out of the sector’s control. But for now, companies like TribeTokes are doing their part to hold the market to a higher standard with brands that consumers want.

(Header Image/Video by Juan Carlos Tamayo)
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