Utah medical marijuana advocates quote Mormon scripture on billboard

Utahns are voting on the legalization of medical marijuana in their state in November, in a measure known as Proposition 2. A survey in July showed that 66 percent of Utah voters support medical marijuana legalization.

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However, as the vote approaches, the battle is heating up. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church, which holds huge political sway in the state, is proving itself to be the biggest opponent of Prop. 2.

About a week ago, a billboard quoting Mormon scripture appeared on Utah Interstate 15. The person or entity who purchased the billboard remains anonymous, and the billboard company appears to be going to lengths to protect the person’s identity as well. According to local news media, the billboard was briefly taken down while the company ensured the purchaser could legally remain anonymous. As soon as they determined the anonymity of the purchaser was legal, it was immediately put back up.

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The billboard quotes from a Mormon text known as the Doctrine and Covenants; particularly from a section of the book known as “The Word of Wisdom” which Mormon beliefs hold to be a divinely-appointed health code. It reads: “All Wholesome Herbs God Hath Ordained for the . . . use of Man.” Then, in all caps, it says: “VOTE YES ON PROP 2.” It is reportedly only the first in a series of billboards that will go up in the near future.

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