The Top Eight Innovative Brands to Watch in the Cannabis Sector

Mar 11, 2018

The cannabis industry is predicted to be a  $13 billion market. As it continues to evolve and grow across the globe, diversity, and innovation are going to keep the top cannabis companies in investors’ portfolios.

The following eight innovative brands are changing the face of the industry. Introducing new technology, new medical treatments, and new ways to connect with cannabis users online, are all pieces of the innovative pie cannabis companies are sharing with the industry and its investors.

These are the top brands to watch in the cannabis sector in 2018:


Canada may be dragging its feet when it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana, but MedReleaf (TSX:LEAF) is not slowing down. They are positioning themselves to be one of the most innovative pharmaceutical brands in the cannabis sector. The Motley Fool marked them as a better buy over competitors based on the company’s production capacity alone – which is projected to be 140,000 kilograms a year after securing 164 acres of grow space in Ontario.

The company reported their third-quarter earnings at CAD$192.5 million, breaking records in sales and grams sold. Following that, they snagged an exclusive licensing agreement with the historic Woodstock Cannabis Company just months after winning the coveted title of Top Licensed Producer at last year’s Canadian Cannabis Awards.

MedReleaf announced last month that they are the first licensed cannabis producer to create color-coded and variety-specific labels for their cannabis oil soft gel capsules. Their new labeling system comes at a time when patients and doctors are both in need of more resources to safely manage medical marijuana prescriptions. The company’s press release highlights the company’s focus on ensuring the safety of their medical marijuana patients.

Green Bits Inc

Green Bits Inc is more than just a cash register. Last summer, Green Bits surpassed $1.5 billion in annual sales.

The point of sale operating system protects and manages the seed-to-sale tracking for 700 cannabis dispensaries and retailers across the country. Since its conception in 2014, the software company has evolved to include inventory management, social media integrations, and real-time state-by-state compliance checks.

In a recent interview with New Cannabis Adventures, Green Bits CEO Ben Curren discussed the company’s ultimate goal to help cannabis retailers easily manage their stores and report compliance checks with one tool. Green Bits’ automated daily reporting system saves dispensary owners from manually creating compliance reports on states’ systems. Owners can also use the operating system to create customer loyalty programs and automatically update their menus on sites like Weedmaps and Leafly.

Solis Tek

Solis Tek Inc (NASDAQ:SLTK) changed the game with their signature Solis Tek SenseSmart and Ignition Control technology. Their grow lights have the industry’s lowest total harmonic distortion (THD) output.

According to their website, total harmonic distortion is what happens when growers combine different light wave distortions into one power supply. Since marijuana flowers require different levels of red and blue light to flourish, this combination is inevitable. Unfortunately, THD can cause voltages to surge and damage expensive grow equipment. Solis Tek developed their SenseSmart technology to stagger light ignition and perform self-diagnostic checks before and after to protect growers and their equipment.

Solis Tek reported their third-quarter earnings at $1.99 million, up six percent from last year. And last fall, they beat out the competition in a lighting study conducted by Light Laboratory Inc. Cannabis cultivators around the country voted Solis Tek’s All-in-One A1 light fixture as the best overall value out of six different lighting providers.


Just in time for the New Year, MassRoots (OTCMKTS:MSRT) announced their evolution into blockchain technology. Aptly named MassRoots Blockchain marks the company’s first foray into the seed-to-sale management technology.

In his interview with Small Cap Nation, CEO Isaac Dietrich explained why blockchain is the future of the cannabis industry.

“We think that we can make the cannabis industry operate much more efficiently, be much more transparent to these government regulators, and really transform how the cannabis industry operates,” Dietrich said.

As state regulations and laws require cannabis companies to constantly report the status of their product from seed to dispensary, blockchain offers an innovative way for companies to manage their product and report back to their local governments almost automatically. MassRoots’ preemptive outlook for transforming the cannabis industry marks them as an innovative brand to watch as market continues to expand.


BloomBoss got their start in the hydroponic lighting industry back in 2010. In our recent interview with BloomBoss CEO Chuck Siegel, he explained how company founder Ethan Holmes was disappointed in the quality of mainstream LED grow lights. He created the BloomBoss brand in 2015 to cater specifically to home growers.

“The home grow state is somewhat overlooked. Everybody seems to be fighting for the commercial/recreational space. Which is part of the reason why we focus on the home grower.” CEO Chuck Siegel told PotNetwork. “That’s our customer. That’s our sweet spot.  We know how to service the home grower, and we know how to build products for that market place.”

BloomBoss’ TrueSun Grow Lights accommodate the marijuana flower’s sensitivity to specific light spectrums, giving growers control over when and how to light their grow area. But BloomBoss’ innovation goes beyond lighting. It lies in their niche focus on the local home grower. BloomBoss provides all-in-one grow kits for home growers of all sizes, which includes their signature LED lights. Even the greenest home growers can start growing cannabis with little-to-no experience as BloomBoss offers the resources one needs to get started.

Bud Trader enters the scene as the largest medical marijuana online marketplace. Everyone, from users to cultivators, can post advertisements and sell seeds, grow accessories, even farm property available for cultivation.

Last summer, BudTrader really turned some heads when they added the very first Real Time Price Per Pound Cannabis Commodity Index to their website. The index updates daily, giving millions of users access to cannabis prices across the country in real time. As BudTrader prepares for their initial public offering on the Canadian market, the site’s pricing index will no doubt prepare investors for predicting the cannabis market.

BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin is invested in helping marijuana business owners and investors forecast the market. According to the company’s press release, he wants to change the way Wall Street looks at marijuana. “Whether politicians or Wall Street guys like it or not, cannabis is a commodity, and it won't be long before it's traded publicly,” he said. “The BudTrader Price Per Pound Index for Cannabis lets marijuana business owners, investors, growers and fund managers watch and even forecast market trends based on real-time prices."

Kush Bottles

Unlike the other innovators on this list Kush Bottles’ (OTC:KSHB) main source of revenue comes from dispensaries and distributors looking for tubes and containers to store, ship, and sell cannabis. Kush offers a patented child-proof package that is immensely popular. The company sells over a million per month.

Kush presented at the LD Micro Virtual Conference on March 6. The presentation came just in time for the company to announce their exclusive distribution deal with FunkSac. FunkSac is a cannabis start-up funded by Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital. It offers legally compliant cannabis packaging, which Kush can now sell exclusively on their online platform.

Earlier this year, The Motley Fool marked Kush Bottles as a hot marijuana stock to watch in 2018. Kush cashed in on the pot market boom, rising 120 percent last year. With a reported more than 4000 customers in their reach, and their exclusive access to FunkSac’s client base, Kush Bottles could be on track for a very profitable year.

InMed Pharmaceuticals

As far as innovative pharmaceutical companies go, InMed Pharmaceuticals (CSE:IN, OTCQB:IMLFF) is among the few developing what they call a “bioinformatics assessment tool.” Their bio-technology identifies the bioactive compounds in cannabis which can impact certain diseases. InMed uses this technology to identify which cannabinoids will act on which genes and proteins to predict the reaction a patient will have.

InMed Pharmaceuticals stock was added to the Canadian Marijuana Index at the beginning of this year in anticipation of INM-750, a topical cream for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a skin disease. Phase 1 of its clinical trials is slated to begin sometime this year, with their bioinformatics assessment tool already anticipating possible reactions in patients’ keratin levels. According to their website, InMed aims to reduce negative reactions to optimize the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for their patients.

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