The Top 3 Edible Companies That are Elevating the Cannabis Industry

Jan 13, 2018

Like many companies the cannabis industry, these edible companies got their start in Colorado. But as the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana becomes a reality in more states across the country, the market finds bigger and better ways to expand. Just don’t assume these edible companies are baking up batches of brownies. This isn’t your typical cookie cutter industry, and these companies are changing what it means to consume cannabis. Some are doing it to the tune of $100 million

Edibles have come a long way. With the introduction of cannabis oil in the market, consumers and medical patients are shying away from the traditional styles of smoking. Use of cannabis oil jumped 2% in 2016, and dispensaries are carrying more CBD and THC-infused products. This includes chocolate bars, gummies, even coffee creamer. A varying menu gives customers the opportunity to be discrete while still getting the dosage they desire. 

The following top edible companies offer a menu that contains more than just snacks enhanced with THC and CBD. They specialize in products that elevate the experience of medical marijuana by offering cleaner, healthier, and more concentrated products. These edible companies focus on quality, dosage control, and convenience in order to reach consumers in an illicit and expanding market. 

Incredibles Edibles

Incredibles is on shelves in 760 dispensaries in Colorado alone. They expanded into Puerto Rico in 2017, and will be in dispensaries across Michigan, Arizona, and Illinois sometime this year. It’s one of the top edible companies in the market right now because they spent seven years investing in their extraction methods. They have a hand in every step of the process, including growing their own plants and extracting their own cannabis oil with hydrocarbon technology. This clean process means high-quality edibles, including tarts, mints, and tinctures. But Incredibles is going a step further and using their oil in holistic medical cannabis products, giving medical marijuana users convenient alternatives to traditional marijuana consumption.

Organa Brands

Organa Brands and Organa Labs manufactures their own cannabis oil, and their reputation is built around the consistency of their edibles. They’ve recently expanded into 10 states and 1200 dispensaries. Founders Jeremy Heidl and Ralph Morgan decided not to use butane to extract their oil, and they changed their process to use carbon dioxide instead. This is the signature of their cannabis oil, and it’s one of the most popular oils in the market. It’s used in their THC-infused beverages and their internationally acclaimed vaporizer O.penVAPE


Dixie started as a beverage company specializing in THC-infused “elixirs” in Colorado before expanding into California and Nevada back in 2015. They’ve since become one of the most well-known names in the cannabis oil market. Dixie is the edible company that was at the forefront of the legal fight to expand this industry, and they go beyond THC and CBD oils to focus on an entire brand that incorporates essential oils and hemp into their wellness branding. Dixie still cooks up tinctures and elixirs, but their CBD-infused products, like topical balms and bath soaks, offer more cannabis consumption alternatives to medical marijuana users.


[Images courtesy of @dixiebrands]

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