Things To Watch Out While Buying A Stash Box And Rolling Tray For Blunts!

Dec 15, 2020

Widespread legalization has led to innovation in ways that people consume cannabis. Advancing technology and product research has led to an ever-growing list of products, offering various ways to enjoy weed.

While bongs and paper have been around for some time, now you can enjoy dab rigs, vaporizers, lighters, grinders, pokers, and a lot more.

However, none of these can help you store your marijuana!

If you're an avid smoker, you know how important it is to have a safe storage place. If not aptly contained, weed can stink up your house, get lost – or worse, get in the hands of minors.

If you are looking for a long-lasting solution for marijuana storage, you're at the right place. In come stash boxes and rolling trays for blunts

If you don't have one, let's take a look at why you need one:

What Makes For a Good Stash Box 

Things To Watch Out While Buying A Stash Box And Rolling Tray For Blunts!

Using a rolling tray or stash box is not just a fad; it comes recommended from a convenience standpoint. A rolling tray has straightforward usage, and you can't go wrong with one – although it is as important an organizing tool as a storage box.

Whether you are assembling your own stash box or have your eyes set on a piece you saw at the dispensary—make sure they meet these requirements:

Conditioned Storage 

Whether you buy it off the shelf or personally grow your strains, you know how important safe storage is for cannabis substances. 

They can lose their potency if left to dry for too long. You certainly don't want to smoke something that will give you coughing fits.

This is why you require an airtight and dry storage space that is not in direct sunlight. This is important to maintain the high CBD and THC levels in your weed. 

While people use mason jars, Tupperware and plastic baggies – they don't provide a permanent solution and can be damaged easily. Imagine coming home to no weed because your baggie got damaged?

On the other hand, a stash box that is rated for UV protection can provide you with a secure storage environment with minimal risk of damage. 

Keep Odor At Bay

All cannabis items have a very distinctive aroma. When out in the open, this can attract unwelcoming glances and stares, which can make your journey uncomfortable.

This is why stash boxes include activated-carbon odour packs into your stash box. These packs can absorb the strongest of smells, allowing you to go undetected. 

For maximum odour control, make sure your stash box has ample space to hold odour packs, and they are airtight when shut. 

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Room For Humidity Packs

As mentioned earlier, cannabis products need adequate humidity. If the moisture level goes above what is desired, you may end up with a compromised stash.

Therefore, a good stash box should have room to hold two-way humidity packs. These small but fully-functional devices control the moisture in real-time and keep your weed fresh for a longer period of time.

Enough Room 

Considering the many cannabis consumption innovations, your supplies are closely tied to your preference. You may be carrying hemp WIC, lighters, papers, multi-tool rig, grinder, pipe, vaporizer, or anything else as per your preferred intake method.

Your stash box should have the capacity to fit all of these things. 

Pull out your rolling tray, the lighter, grinder, and paper, use them, and stow them away in your stash box. Plus, a good rolling tray or box also doubles up as an ashtray if you don't have one. Now isn't that convenient?

The Stash Itself

No matter the preference — dry herb, e-liquid, hash, kief, or wax; you need to have an adequate supply at all times. This is true, especially if your friends are coming over or you use it for medicinal purposes.  

Your choice of stash box should have enough room to hold a reasonable supply safely. 

The Ideal Stash Box And Rolling Tray For Blunts 

When it comes to cannabis storage, people often resort to short-term fixes such as jewelry boxes and cookie tins. 

But can they double down as rolling trays and ashtrays in times of need?

With cannabis usage at an all-time high, investing in a multi-functional storage solution is a wise decision. And what better option than Stashtray by Myster?

It ticks all the boxes and offers unrivalled functionality!

Despite it having a small footprint, the Strashtray features a four-part aluminium grinder, a sizeable storage pod, and an ashtray. Plus, there is a pipe spike to clean your joint-making mess.

The robust build quality and magnetic features keep everything in an airtight enclosure to preserve your weed for as long as possible. If you're on the lookout for a rolling tray for blunts – it doesn't get better than the Stashtray by Myster.

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