These Two THC-Infused Beer Will Put You On Cloud Nine

High Times recently profiled nine cannabis-infused beers, each of which incorporated different parts of the plant, from CBD to THC, to terpenes. The list included CBD-infused brews from Coalition Brewing Company, Long Trail Brewing, Dads and Dudes Breweria, and Stay Gold,

There were terpenes brews from Xylem Cider and Lagunitas Brewing Company, and an exciting Brew from New Belgium that uses other components of the plant. Finally, there are two breweries that use THC: Ceria and Happy Apple Cider.

Ceria, The Beer With THC

The Colorado-based Ceria brewery was founded by the brewmaster who invented Blue Moon. After a thirty year career at MillerCoors, Keith Villa left to found Ceria. It is a brewery which serves non-alcoholic beer that nonetheless will make you high because it’s infused with THC.

They worked with research company Ebbu to curate a selection of these non-alcoholic beers that will make you high in different ways. “They’re [Ebbu] able to accurately dose in the cannabinoids that are required for certain sensations such as ‘energy’ or ‘chill’ or ‘bliss,’” said Keith Villa.

The three grades of beer will be dosed with different strengths of THC. The lightest one is meant for drinkers who “have as many as those as they would a regular beer with alcohol,” says Villa. The strongest, with ten to 15 mg of THC per serving, not so much.

Happy Apple Cider With Northwestern Weed

Happy Apple Cider is just that: an apple cider that will have you feeling baked. It contains homegrown apples with the best northwestern weed. With three different types: 5 mg, 10 mg, and 100 mg, none include alcohol.

It can be found at dozens of dispensaries across Washington State. “They also emphasize using all natural ingredients and forsake all artificial coloring and flavors,” says High Times. Oh, and they use a kind of cannabis emulsion that won’t come with that taste if you’re not a fan, so you can focus on the delicious taste of cider while going swiftly to cloud nine.

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