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These 4 Marijuana Stocks Are About To Break Ground

Marijuana stocks are making risky moves expanding through large-scale greenhouse production. Speculation abounds that the green rush is nothing but misdirection; a ploy for Licensed Producers investing in land up north.

Still, with cannabis legalization creeping its way across North America, better climates for cultivation are starting to present themselves. Marijuana stocks are beginning to notice, including Canopy Growth  (TSX:WEED) (NYSE:CGC) who spent over $30 million to add Colombian-based Spectrum Cannabis to their portfolio.

Some even talk of Mexico wanting to end the war on drugs, a possible boon to the cannabis industry.

All of it is a sign that the cannabis market is unpredictable (and volatility in the marijuana stock market continues to prove that every day). Yet, with every risk comes the potential for a huge payout, and greenhouse cultivation is about more than location. After all, the potential need for craft growers could mean that the mass production of marijuana may not be the end-all-be-all of the cannabis industry.

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Predicting market trends is near impossible, but investors can take a look at the new developments in the marijuana stock market when it comes to cultivating and processing cannabis if they want to make a strategic investment. The following greenhouse expansions are coming soon, and they could make or break these pot stocks.


Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Aurora Cannabis Inc.’s (TSX:ACB) (OTCQB:ACBFF) latest expansion news came on Tuesday when the company announced the development of a new facility in Malta. According to a statement, the new facility, Aurora Malta, will serve the export market for Malta and the European Union (EU).

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that played a strategic role throughout history due to its particular location. And no doubt, building their new facility here gives Aurora prime real estate when it comes to distributing cannabis across the EU. To meet the growing demands of a market that size, the new seed-to-pharma facility will be a “hybrid.”

As usual, the facility will be designed by Aurora’s in-house team at Aurora Larssen Projects and promises to be capable of cultivating, processing, and distributing marijuana across Europe.

Friday Night Inc.

Friday Night Inc. (CSE:TGIF) (OTC:TGIFF) announced their new expansion project in Las Vegas last month. They were just approved for the necessary licenses on Tuesday and will finally move forward with construction once fire and health inspections are finished.

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Friday Night’s expansion plan is focused on hemp, and this new facility will be home to a unique CBD Isolate Lab that will ultimately produce oils, distillates, and other infused products. The facility is a joint effort between Friday Night and their subsidiary, Infused MFG. According to the press release, the new facility will give both companies better access to “the exciting new business vertical” CBD products are bringing to the cannabis industry.

Aphria Inc.

Just in time for cannabis legalization in Canada, Aphria Inc. (TSX:APH) invested $55 million in their new Extraction Centre of Excellence. CEO Vic Neufeld intends to lead the industry regarding research and development with this new facility, choosing to focus on a wide range of extraction techniques, including butane and CO2.

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And the deadline is quick. Construction is already in full swing, and Aphria intends to have concentrates ready for sale by March of next year —which is good for the bottom line and hopefully better for marijuana stockholders.

But Aphria’s expansion projects go beyond Excellence. The Aphria Diamond facility was also approved for a $20 million increase to its budget to boost its annual production from 20,000 kilograms to 140,000 kilograms. When all things are considered, Aphria will be producing over 250,000 kilograms of marijuana to meet their supply agreements across Canada.

iAnthus Capital Holdings

Last year, iAnthus Capital Holdings (CSE:IAN) (OTC:ITHUF) and their subsidiary Citva Medical, LLC became one of ten cannabis companies to receive a cultivation license from the state of New York. They started construction on a 39,500 square foot facility on Tuesday claiming “perpetual harvesting” as their goal.

The new facility will be equipped with air pressure systems, waterless dehumidification systems, and a high-tech, uniformed system for irrigation and lighting controls, giving iAnthus the potential to perpetually produce 2400 kilograms a year.

Eventually, this new facility will spread across 125,000 square feet up in Orange County, New York. iAnthus intends to begin construction early next year, and the company is hosting a ground-breaking event for employees and local citizens at the end of the month.

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