These 3 Marijuana Stock Picks Had The Best Week

Another volatile week on the pot stock market has investors scrambling to keep their portfolios balanced, even as a spate of positive news envelopes the industry. Still, a few companies have weathered the storm better than others, creating a sense of some stability in the market.

These three marijuana stock picks had the best week recently:

CannaRoyalty Corp.

Crying a river (of joy) is CannaRoyalty Corp. (CSE:CRZ) (OTCQX:CNNRF) who announced earlier this week a pair of acquisitions in the pot stock goldmine of California. The company, known for its diverse holdings and strategic assets closed on the previously announced acquisitions of Kaya Management Inc. and Alta Supply Inc. while also acquiring 100 percent of River Distribution and its affiliates. Consolidating River and Alta will bring CannaRoyalty’s 2017 fiscal year revenue to an impressive $31.9 million, making them a must-have weed stock pick in the current volatile market.

Betting big on the California market, the River acquisition is a distribution and marketing coup for CannaRoyalty, giving the company strong brand recognition across the state. With two licensed facilities in California (Temporary Cannabis Distribution License (Type 11 – Recreational and Temporary Cannabis Distribution License Type 11 - Medical), River alone generated $25.4 million in revenue in 2017.

Moreover, with Alta, CannaRoyalty assumes their licensed facility in Oakland for the distribution of cannabis products, while Kaya’s facility, also in Oakland, will help the company consolidate production of their popular Bhang and CR branded products. Kaya also generated healthy profits in 2017.

“We are confident that the consolidation of RVR with Alta Supply will position us as a leader in the world's largest regulated cannabis distribution system, in California," remarked Marc Lustig, CEO of CannaRoyalty. "Our extensive distribution network in California makes us an ideal partner for brands that are looking to grow in California at scale. And a carefully selected portfolio of manufacturing partners also make us a superior partner for dispensaries seeking one-stop access to a full spectrum of top products and brands, in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

A perennial pot stock pick, CannaRoyalty sits at a market cap of $200 million, and a share price around $4.00 per. They are one of the few weed stocks to attack the California market with a steadfast plan and execute with grace, And this week, this marijuana stock pick had one of the best weeks ever.

Friday Night Inc.

Under the lights is Friday Night Inc. (CSE:TGIF) (FWB:1QF) the best-named company in cannabis, who announced on Thursday financial results for the second quarter. This Las Vegas weed stock showed strong results in the quarter with, with subsidiaries American Medical Association (AMA) and Infused Mfg. both posting promising increases out of Sin City. As AMA commanded a higher price on the market with an increased its focus on better quality plants, Infused ramped up its product offering to jolt up sales.

Contributing to the potential of this premier marijuana stock pick were increased interest in Canna Hemp products both in their home base of Nevada and in the new promised land of California. Furthermore, the company’s recent acquisition of Spire Secure Logistics, a top-of-the-line cannabis security and logistics agency has positioned Friday Night for huge gains, all of which this cannabis stock’s investors can expect to be passed on to their personal portfolio’s.

Some of the highlights from the second quarter for Friday Night include a 20.2 percent sales increase from $2,464,487 in Q1 to $2,962,699 and six-month total sales of $5.4 million all from U.S. operations. Each subsidiary saw increased sales, with Infused jumping up 45 percent and AMA a respectable 11 percent.

Topping off a brilliant period for the company was the recent announcement of their inclusion in the Canadian Securities Exchange’s CSE25 Index as One of the Largest Companies by Market Cap.

"We are very proud to be recognized as one of the 25 largest companies on the CSE by market capitalization,” said Brayden Sutton, Friday Night CEO and cannabis industry veteran. “The inclusion on the CSE25 Index not only distinguishes our Company as a highly liquid issuer but gives validation to our business strategy and recognizes our impressive growth over the last nine months of trading."

Friday Night has a market cap over $140 million, and trades at $0.65 per share, making them one of this week's top three marijuana stock picks to watch.

Turnaround Pick Of The Week

Globetrotting is Aphria Inc. (TSX:APH) (USOTC:APHQF) a company that just cannot seem to catch a break these days. The company announced this week that recently acquired Nuuvera Inc. would be renamed Aphria International Inc. and remain a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. This new entity will focus on legalized cannabis markets in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Australia, and Lesotho.  

The company finally posted some gains after weeks of positive news kept bringing this cannabis stock’s prices down. According to Profit Confidential, Aphria has had it harder than most recently, with share down 27 percent this year. That number includes a 37 percent drop in February.

Still, Aphria is this week’s weed stock turnaround pick. The move towards international markets should keep them at the forefront of the legal cannabis industry. Moreover, it is hard to envision them staying down for much longer, making this an excellent time for marijuana stock investors to buy in now.

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