Staffing the Cannabis Industry: How one cannabis recruiting firm is using an affiliate program to help cannabis businesses earn additional revenue

Mar 25, 2019

When it comes to cannabis, investors are not the only ones in high demand. Master growers, extractors, trimmers, and anyone with experience managing dispensaries are being called upon in droves. According to Glassdoor, job openings in the cannabis sector jumped 76 percent last year.

This is great news for anyone looking for a job in cannabis. Even better is the fact that these positions are likely to pay ten percent more than the median salary in the US. But this high demand means that cannabis business owners and their investors are the ones struggling to find skilled and reliable employees. For example, Green Thumb Industries (CSE.GTII) (OTCQX: GTBIF) was looking to fill 67 positions as of December 2018.

One cannabis consulting firm uses an affiliate program to staff businesses and help them earn additional revenue

HempStaff is one cannabis consulting firm that focuses on recruiting employees. They recruit employees for cannabis businesses in need of sales representatives, marketing managers, and niche positions such as directors of hemp and cannabis cultivation.

Just last month HempStaff started using an affiliate program to help cannabis business owners earn additional revenue on top of hiring experienced employees. The goal of the program is to fill open positions with experienced and knowledgeable employees while giving business owners the opportunity to earn more money at the same time.

The HempStaff Affiliate program was created specifically to benefit cannabis business owners. As one finds a skilled employee, the other earns additional revenue from the referral.

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Cannabis affiliates can earn up to $1000 in commission through the new program. The commission can also be earned by referring business owners to HempStaff’s cannabis training programs too. According to the press release, if business owners enroll five or more students in a class through their bulk discount promotion, a commission will be paid.

Using the affiliate program is easy. Any ancillary company with contacts in the legal cannabis industry can participate by signing a Recruiting Agreement with a licensed cannabis business owner. Once the business owner fills the position, a commission is paid to the business developer who participated in the program and helped the owner find their new employee.

“Adding the HempStaff Affiliate program to our business structure . . . is the ideal way to work hand-in-hand with the industry, ensuring we are providing top talent and helping other cannabis businesses expand, thanks to the extra revenue,” HempStaff CEO James Yagielo explained in the press release.

Choosing a cannabis consultant can be difficult, especially since the industry is still toeing the line of legality in many states and countries. On top of that, the cannabis industry is rife with consulting firms, and each will specialize in different areas of expertise. For cannabis business owners, this is can be very overwhelming. Referrals are often the most likely way many of them will narrow down their choices. At least, that seems to be what HempStaff is relying on.

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The idea behind the new HempStaff Affiliate program is to create a conversation between members of the industry that centers around finding and keeping skilled employees, regardless of what that position may be, and to maintain a reliable, referral-based consultation network that can be used as the industry continues to expand.

Affiliate programs in cannabis are nothing new. Dispensaries have been using similar programs to encourage consumers to refer their friends with the promise of store credit or free products. But using referrals with cash incentives for employment and staffing, rather than just marketing, is rare. In an industry with such a demand for skilled employees, HempStaff may have tapped into a very lucrative niche for cannabis consultants across North America.

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