Southern Tier Hemp Announces Move to New York

Mar 8, 2018

On Tuesday, Southern Tier Hemp announced plans to establish a hemp processing facility in the Southern Tier Region of New York. Establishing themselves in this agricultural region of the state positions them for future expansion. The company intends to use this facility to process hemp from all over the northeastern United States.

This announcement comes on the heels of New York’s first Industrial Hemp Forum. Hemp farmers and those seeking to learn more about the hemp industry attended the forum at Cornell University on the first of March.

The forum was spearheaded by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in an attempt to educate the public in regard to hemp and its benefits for textiles, soil health, and CBD extraction. This is the first of his promised 2018 Industrial Hemp Initiatives to Advance Research, Production and Processing Statewide.

“New York will continue to make strategic investments that support agricultural innovation,” Governor Cuomo stated in the city’s press release. “By positioning the Southern Tier at the forefront of industrial hemp research and production, our farmers will capitalize on the growth potential of this crop, create new jobs, and boost economies across the region and the state.”

Southern Tier Hemp is a vertically-integrated agricultural tech company that is poised to launch later this year. With their new facility, the company is focused on developing more health and wellness products. Southern Tier Hemp partnered with research programs at nearby Binghamton University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Studies to further investigate the clinical benefits of CBD and other cannabidiol derivatives from hemp.

According to the university’s website, one of the school’s industrial hemp and CBD research projects is currently examining CBD’s effect on addiction and addictive behaviors. Binghamton is one of the few universities given permission from the state to study hemp last year. Cornell University, SUNY Sullivan, and Morrisville State College are among the other schools in the state conducting their own hemp research.

Southern Tier Hemp co-founder and CEO, Michael Falcone, believes this location and its research capabilities will give this company and its hemp producers a competitive edge. “More and more modern-day research is uncovering the wide-ranging benefits of hemp,” Falcone said in the company’s press release. “The findings of physicians and medical professionals researching the plant is very encouraging. We are excited about the social, economic and environmental benefits of hemp and know that New York State is the perfect place to move this industry forward.”

The Southern Tier of New York includes the counties west of the Catskill Mountains which border northern Pennsylvania. It is the birthplace of IBM and home to Corning Inc. An article published in The New York Times reported the area to be in decline as of 2015. In 2017, Governor Cuomo announced the Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program in order to boost local farms and establish a strong foundation for future economic success in the region. Building the new Southern Tier hemp processing facility will add to the seven licensed hemp facilities already operating in New York State.

*Photo credit: Doug Kerr

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