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Solis Tek Ousts CEO; Launches New Product

Feb 20, 2018

Alan Lien returned last week as Chief Executive Officer of Solis Tek (NASDAQ:SLTK), the canna-tech powerhouse behind the innovative sequential lamp ignition technology company. He replaces former CEO Dennis Forchic, who was removed from his position as CEO and on the Board of Directors from the company earlier this month.

Replacing CEOs appears to be a pattern in the industry. MassRoots Inc. (OTCMKTS: MSRT) had their own CEO drama this year, and it seems that Solis Tek is following in their footsteps.

The Man in Charge

As co-founder and President of Solis Tek, Alan Lien’s perspective better aligns with the Board’s expectations for driving future revenue and growth. He is reprising his role as leader of the company’s operational strategy and putting his innovative plans into motion right away.

Lien’s responsibility as CEO is to maintain Solis Tek’s reputation as a competitive innovator in the canna-tech sector. The company has already established itself as a technological force with their SenseSmart technology, which protects greenhouses from electrical surges and spikes in the lighting systems. But Solis Tek wants to strengthen their brand as a reliable provider of best practices for growers looking for more environmentally friendly solutions.

Introducing Zelda Horticulture

The emerging need for all-natural ingredients in the growing process prompted Lien and Solis Tek to launch Zelda Horticulture. The new subsidiary company produces a line of all-natural plant care products that use essential oils to manage pest and fungus control.

“With the introduction of our Zelda Horticulture subsidiary, the Company is even better positioned to drive significant long-term shareholder value,” Lien announced Thursday. “Zelda is a core component to driving revenue now and in the future.”

This Tuesday, Zelda Horticulture announced the launch of their new product, a Neutralizer Plant Wash. This marks the second product in the Zelda portfolio, following the company’s natural terpene enhancer Terpenez.

Neutralizer is a versatile, plant-based, all-natural response to traditional chemical pesticides that can be used in production fields and on rooted cuttings. The wash uses terpenes identical to those in cannabis to wash and protect the flower without contaminating its natural concentration profile. Most importantly, it contains none of the ingredients that have since been banned in the state of California.

Lien discussed the new product launch in a statement on Tuesday. “The expansion of Zelda's product line is a key component to Solis Tek's overall strategy to provide a broad suite of products and services targeted at the commercial cannabis industry,” Lien stated.

“Specifically, Zelda Horticulture represents a compelling growth opportunity for Solis Tek, as nutrients carry higher margins compared with the lighting vertical.”

The cannabis industry is transforming before, and it is essential for CEO Alan Lien to align his strategy with the expectations of his investors. This focus on green practices for the green industry is the right direction for a canna-tech company like Solis Tek. Directly addressing the needs of modern growers will situate Solis Tek and its subsidiaries in the perfect position to leverage their reputation as a reliable and trusted provider to commercial cannabis growers.

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