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The Snyder Cut of Justice League is coming. Here’s our favorite superhero strains of cannabis to help you celebrate

May 20, 2020

DC Superhero fans everywhere rejoiced as rumors abound on social media that the famed “Snyder Cut” of the 2017 film “Justice League” would finally see the light of day. According to some much-hyped speculation from what is believed to be verified and trustworthy sources, director Zack Snyder screened a cut of his film for executives at AT&T and Warner Bros. earlier this month, and plans to announce the release of the film to the new HBO Max streaming service on Wednesday at an online watch party for his 2013 film “Man of Steel.”

For anyone anxious, excited, or hopeful about the possibility of an upcoming announcement for the most buzz-worthy film on social media the past few years, The PotNetwork put together a list of super cannabis strains to help “Unite the League.”

What is the “Snyder Cut” of “Justice League?”

Early last decade, director Zack Snyder of “300” and “Dawn of the Dead” fame was tasked with bringing some of DC’s most famous superheroes to the big screen. He began in 2013 with a compelling and hopeful reimagining of the Superman story with “Man of Steel.” The film, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams as Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane, respectively, framed the story as that of an immigrant alien struggling to fit in and find his way. Although it divided fans somewhat, it was a box office success.

With the success of “Man of Steel,” Warner Bros. tasked Snyder with building their extended universe of superheroes, similar to what Marvel has done with the Avengers. As the story goes, Snyder planned out a five-film arc, which was to include “Man of Steel,” “Batman vs. Superman,” and three Justice League films. 

However, plans went awry when the second film, “Batman vs. Superman,” proved to be divisive with audiences and less successful at the box office than the studio had hoped. Rumor has it that part of that was due to studio meddling, as shortly after its release, Warner Bros. put out an extended version of the film, adding 30 minutes that made the film more in line with Snyder’s vision.

The less than expected reaction to “Batman vs. Superman” scared the studio, causing them to immediately start meddling with Snyder’s vision for his next few films. As the story goes, he was forced to cut them down from three to two, and then finally to one. In a terrible tragedy, Snyder’s daughter committed suicide while he was working on the film, forcing him to leave the set and turn over directing duties to Joss Whedon of Marvel fame. As legend has it, Whedon reshot almost 80 percent of Snyder’s film, changing the pacing, adding jokes, and giving it a lighter tone.

The reaction was lukewarm, and hardcore fans immediately began calling for Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s Cut of the film. It resulted in an online movement of epic proportions, one that has not only fought for the film but has raised thousands of dollars for suicide awareness as well. Over the past couple of years, “Snyder Cut” fans have pooled together money for billboards in times square, flying advertisements at Comi-Con, and more.

So what does this have to do with cannabis?

Nothing. But as Snyder himself said recently on Twitter, we could all use a little hope, and here at The PotNetwork, we thought we could all use a little fun too. “Many of us are struggling during this difficult time,” wrote Snyder when announcing his “Man of Steel” watch party. “Felt it could be cathartic to come together now for a Man of Steel Watch Party and celebrate the ultimate symbol of hope. Submit some questions; I’ll answer a few after.”

The event, which takes place on Wednesday, May 20 at 8 AM Pacific, is expected to draw a large crowd on Vero, a social media app that Snyder has been fond of using over the years. And, if the rumors are true — and it’s still unknown if they are — he could announce the release of his cut of “Justice League” during the event.

So, in preparation, we put together a list of the most super strains of cannabis to help you celebrate the moment.

Superman OG

Unlike the Man of Steel himself, Superman OG is a super sedative indica that’s a cross between Bubba Kush and Tahoe OG. It tastes of pine with super potent and skunky flowers that will help you take flight.

Batman OG

Kind of like the Dark Knight, Batman OG is a potent indica that skulks around at night unseen. Although it’s origins are not known, it’s perfect for relaxation, making it, like The Batman, perfect for nighttime. It’s strong smelling, almost pungent, and very earthy. No jokers allowed.

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince of Themiscyra is the daughter of Zeus and one of the baddest women around. Her namesake strain, however, is sweet and peachy and made of small, dense buds. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a mix of White Widow and Super Skunk.

Green Lantern

Like Hal Jordan and his green ring, this cross between White Rhino and Green Crack works on the mind while giving you a gentle body buzz. It’s euphoric and smells of citrus and pine.

Release the Snyder Cut

No matter what strain you prefer for your superhero adventures, remember to have fun. And here’s hoping that Warner Bros. releases the “Snyder Cut!”

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