Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Nov 16, 2020

You have been smoking weed for a long time or maybe you started some weeks back and you are asking yourself if you are addicted or not. That is normal, with addiction, no one wants to be told that they are addicted to weed. While some kratom strains can help fight the addiction, you first need to ensure you identify whether you are addicted or not. All kratom strains are explained so that you can understand the best strain to use when addicted. These signs are meant to help you know if you are addicted or not.

Craving to Have Marijuana

Addiction is not something that you can tell easily especially if you are a key subject who smokes every now and then. Craving occurs when the body needs it to continue functioning normally. You may just feel to have a puff and that feeling will not go away until you get a puff. When it reaches that level, you need to know that you are truly addicted and you are in the substance dependence stage. You can buy kratom capsules so that you kill these cravings and make yourself sober. Kratom normalizes your brain functioning making it only focus on the things you are doing instead of thinking about weed. 

Enhanced Tolerance for Weed

You remember the first time you took a puff? Probably you weren't able to withstand the harshness of the herb. Nowadays you can smoke a lot of it and still not feel the impact. That is a true sign of addiction because it means your body has passed the initial threshold of getting high and it's now advancing to higher levels. For that reason, you need to detox and rehabilitate for you to get back to your sober life. Continuing to smoke the weed can ruin your brain, alter your reasoning capacity, and make you have a lot of mental instability.

Altered Social Interruption and Association

The people around may feel you have started becoming unreliable. Your partner, job friends, and even your own parents may feel something is not okay with you. as smoke, you normally don't see these things because all you care about is getting a puff and getting high. Your work productivity may also reduce making the bosses and workmates start complaining. When it reaches that point, you need to know that you have compromised your mind and you need to change or stop smoking weed. Weed abuse can lead to serious social issues.

Mental Compromise

Hallucination, altered thought process, disturbed thought content, and lack of personal hygiene are some of the late signs of weed addiction. As a person, you will not realize these signs because you are detached from the real world and all you care is about getting more pleasure and flying. When it reaches this point, you will need a doctor to do a mental status examination and recommend a detoxification program. Antipsychotics and ant-depressants will need to be administered for you to feel okay. If you continue with the habit without medical assistance, you may become a psychotic patient.


Addiction to weed is a serious condition. You not only compromise your job performance but you also get social interaction issues since most people around you will think like you don’t have any value to them. Stopping weed is a long process so you need rehab and ensure you adhere to the detoxification programs at all times. This is the best way to ensure you get sobriety once more. Relapse might occur if the person continues to do the same activities that he or she used to do before going to rehab. You must have a strong will that you want to stop smoking and you will manage.

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