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Seth Rogen likes weed, nation learns with bated breath

Some people have found it difficult to adjust to the stay at home orders and quarantine measures put in place to protect people during the coronavirus outbreak that has swept across the globe, as much as they understand the necessity of these measures. Whether it’s adjusting to working from home or online schooling, social distancing measures have now that the world is a few months into this crisis.

However, for others, especially the introverted, social distancing, and quarantine measures have been their time to shine. For those of us who prefer to sit at home alone and smoke some weed, and perhaps even do a little pottery, actor and comedian Seth Rogen laid out a path for how to do so correctly.

Earlier this week, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Live From His House,” Rogen professed that his time has been spent doing pottery and partaking in cannabis. “I’ve smoked a truly ungodly amount of weed since I’ve been in quarantine,” the writer, filmmaker, and star of such hits like Superbad told Kimmel.

Rogen added that he was absolutely thrilled that cannabis had been declared an “essential business,” which allowed him to smoke “more than normal.” In California, and in states across the US, governors have labeled cannabis businesses essential, allowing them to stay open for deliveries and curbside pickups. It’s a move that has helped employees during a trying economic time and has been praised by those in the harm reduction community.

“Thank god it’s been declared an essential service because, for me, it is essential,” said Rogen. “I never felt that I willed a law into existence more than that.”

Seth Rogen has always been known as somewhat of a cannabis aficionado, having told “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert that he is high in every movie in which he has acted.

“I know you are not your characters, but you do enjoy the occasional marijuana cigarette, my understanding is,” Colbert asked Rogen.

“Yeah, I smoke weed all day, every day of my life,” Rogen said, before noting that he has acted high for the last 20 years “exclusively.”

Earlier this year, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Rogen took to Instagram live to show his fans the correct way to roll a joint.

“Here’s how I roll a joint,” Rogen said during his live-Tweeting of the movie “Cats.” “(The ‘S’ carved into my rolling tray is because that’s the tray I use for Sativa strains so my s–t don’t mix),” he continued.

More on how Seth Rogen rolls a joint can be seen below.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube

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