Saturday Night Live star dishes post-rehab medical marijuana use on the Howard Stern Show

Pete Davidson, the Saturday Night Live star, stand-up comedian, and fiance of Ariana Grande, was on the Howard Stern Show on Monday on Sirius XM Radio. During the interview, he admitted to returning to marijuana three months after leaving rehab for medical reasons.

“It wasn’t the weed,” said Davidson. He had previously told Rolling Stone that his main drug of choice was marijuana. However, after rehab, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and borderline personality disorder. Davidson told Stern he realized he had been using the marijuana as a treatment for those conditions prior to diagnosis.

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Davidson is known for going public with his struggle with drugs, and going to rehab two years ago. “There was no way I could stop,” Davidson told Stern. “I was like, ‘Somebody has to put me in a house where there is literally nothing.’ I had too much access.”

“I have Crohn’s disease, so it helps more than you can imagine,” Davidson said. “There was a point where I couldn’t get out of bed [due to the pain]. I was 110 pounds. I also just love smoking weed. I’ve been smoking weed every day for eight years.”

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His solution, after three months without marijuana, was to go back for medical reasons. “I was sober for three months at one point and was like, ‘This f—ing sucks.’”


*Photo via Howard Stern Show/YouTube

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