Quadron Cannatech Ramps Up Revenue with Cannabis Extraction

Quadron Cannatech Corporation (CSE: QCC) is beginning to ramp up revenue according to CFN Media Group. The Vancouver based company is looking to generate revenue “the fastest growing subset of the market is cannabis oils and extracts” as reported by CFN Media Group.

Cannabis Oil Market Is Projected to Grow

Like many other companies in the industry, Cannatech is working to get in on the action of Canada’s recreational cannabis market. A Deloitte report shows that Canada is slated to have a total market potential of CAD$22.6 billion which includes tourism, business, taxes, licensing fees and paraphilia. The same report has ancillary businesses like Quadron Cannatech experiencing a huge potential upside that is estimated to range between $12.7 billion and $22.6 billion.

Cannabis oil production is showing great revenue promise within the industry.  According to CFN Media,  cannabis oil consumption will grow from just 284 liters in 2015 to more than 562,600 liters by 2020” within the Canadian market.  Cultivators are feeling the pressure as “flower is quickly becoming commoditized as a growing number of cultivators come online” causing them to look at other avenues which may yield greater profits like cannabis extraction and processing per CFN Media Group.

Quadron Cannatech is seizing on the projected consumer shift by promoting their Boss CO2 Extraction System.  The system is designed to aid businesses in the cannabis oils and extracts side of the industry that fuels the edible and vape product sector.

Also known as the Boss, Boss C02 Extraction System is noted as being faster and more efficient than its competitors.  In fact, CFN Media Group reports that "the complete cycle turnaround is just six hours, which includes four hours of extraction and two hours for decompression and cleaning, compared to upwards of eight to twelve hours for traditional extraction equipment.”

Edibles Help Combat Cannabis Social Stigma

Methods outside of smoking flower are becoming more and more popular with the cannabis industry, and it is not just limited to the Canadian market.  For some people, an edible takes away the social stigma that still exists around marijuana consumption. Consumers like Chad Crandall and Emily Isler personify people who prefer to ingest cannabis in ways other than smoking the flower.  In an interview with the Press Herald,  the Maine-based couple explained how their preferred delivery method helped overcome some of those social stigmas.

“Some people feel really weird about smoking their medicine. Some can’t have the smell, either because of their job or their housing situation. Maybe they’re teachers. Maybe they live in a nursing home. For our sickest patients, medibles and salves, it’s the only option left. It’s a sweet treat that doesn’t hurt their throat that can last for hours.”

About Quadron Cannatech

According to the company’s website, Quadron, “focuses on ancillary equipment, products and services for the federally authorized cannabis industry by providing a full array of end to end extraction and processing solutions including sales of alternative end user delivery options for recreational and medical consumers.”

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