Pure Sunfarms finds that many consumers don’t know much about how cannabis is grown

Oct 27, 2020

While most of the public may be partial to cannabis, either for medical or recreational purposes, new research shows that much of the marijuana consuming public has no idea how it’s cultivated or produced. Pure Sunfarms released findings of a new, nationally-commissioned survey which leveraged the Angus Reid panel. The survey found that Canadian consumers naturally-grown weed that is organic and doesn’t use chemical pesticides. However, according to a statement released by the company, “the majority still don't know where or how cannabis is grown.”

The survey itself sought to understand consumer knowledge about cannabis. Specifically, it looked at consumer understanding of how cannabis is grown and consumed now that Canada is two years post-legalization.

The results were interesting, if nothing else. Upwards of three-quarters of Canadian cannabis consumers say that British Columbia has the best cannabis in Canada. Still, only 50 percent of those asked know where the cannabis they use is grown. Most consumers —over 80 percent — want the cannabis they purchase to be free of chemical pesticides, yet hardly any actually know if what they buy is pesticide free or not.

"It's clear that Canadians care about a lot more than just price and potency when they make their purchasing decisions, but they're still getting up to speed," says Mandesh Dosanjh, President & CEO, Pure Sunfarms in a statement. "The fact that Canadians don't have awareness of these issues shows me that this industry has more work to do to give Canadians the information they need. At Pure Sunfarms, we're proud to grow all-natural, B.C. bud. We're committed to raising awareness about where and how we grow so that Canadians can feel safe and secure in the choices they are making."

The findings from the survey showed that cannabis consumers in Canada have a lot to learn about what they use and what they want. According to a statement released this week, “76 percent of Canadian cannabis consumers want to know about where the weed they consume is from, but only 51% actually know.” 

Most consumers don’t know how their cannabis is grown. “78 percent of Canadian cannabis consumers want to know about how their cannabis is grown, yet 34 percent say they don't know,” the survey found. Still, overall, most preferred B.C.’s cannabis. “76 percent of Canadians say British Columbia ranks at the top for the highest quality cannabis in Canada.”

Finally, many consumers are still unaware of the differences between unregulated and legal cannabis. “Only 58 percewnt of Canadian cannabis consumers are aware that unregulated cannabis may be grown using chemical pesticides and only 52 percent. are aware that legal cannabis is grown without their use.”

The survey clearly shows that consumers want the best from their cannabis producers, but, in the wake of legalization, are just happy to have anything after years of prohibition. It’s clear that consumer education is key as legalization moves forward and that cannabis companies have to do more to ensure their customers are buying the best product available.

The full survey can be found at www.puresunfarms.com.

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