A prolific hemp advocate is turning “This bastard stepchild of marijuana” into beautiful guitars

When somebody typically thinks of the uses for hemp, they think of clothing, hemp bracelets, or maybe rope, but certainly not guitars. However, Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars is a boutique musical instrument company using the plant to create guitars and guitar equipment, including electric guitars, ukeleles, cabinets, speakers, straps, picks, and volume knobs.

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Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars soft launched with guitars in 2018. Founder, Morris Beegle, is a prolific proponent of the varied uses of hemp, the low THC cannabis genetically distinct from marijuana. Merry Jane called him “one of hemp’s most dynamic and energetic proponents.”

He’s taking all of his resources and exploring new ways of using hemp as a material to make functional guitars, as well as seeking out resources that already exist to enhance his products. “For now, it’s more trial-and-error and prototypes and boutique stuff, but that’s what’s led to where we are today with my guitar line of Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars,” Beegle told Merry Jane.

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Beegle said “I found somebody to make guitars for me, and I found a board company that can make hemp board. I can make guitar cabinets and put in Tone Tubby HempCone guitar speakers. Tone Tubby has been making HempCone speakers for around 20 years—Santana’s used them, and so have Warren Haynes and Jimmy Haring and the guys from Metallica. Then I found a guy I knew over in Poland who was making hemp guitar straps.”

He’s even explored the use of hemp-based plastics in its guitars. “The whole hemp plastics thing—it’s not there yet, it’s not commercialized yet, but it will be in three, five, ten years from now. We’re going to take all this technology that’s out there now, though, and fine-tune it,” Beegle said.

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Beegle sees hemp as a material resource that could be sustainable and renewable, and he’ s developing it headfirst. “This bastard stepchild of marijuana is suddenly out there in the spotlight now. So corn, soy, wheat, cotton, and all these shitty crops that are monoculture, GMO, and grown conventionally that are destroying our soil—they can all change”.

Photo Credit: Photo via Silver Mountain Hemp Guitars

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