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PotNetwork Magazine to launch in winter with an insider’s look at the cannabis industry

PotNetwork News (www.potnetwork.com), the cannabis industry’s number one outlet for financial, political, and industry news is set to launch their first edition print magazine, an in-depth insider’s look at the budding cannabis industry. Born from the same grit and hard-hitting unbiased daily news delivered every day on PotNetwork, the new magazine is a natural extension that promises to delve deeper into the untold stories of the cannabis space.

PotNetwork Magazine aims to explore every sector of the cannabis industry from ancillary companies to those that directly support the industry, all the way up to those that directly touch the plant. It will be an opportunity for industry insiders to become experts in cultivation & retail while allowing new entrepreneurs to learn the latest trends in CBD and medical marijuana. Hemp products, consumption devices, investing & finance, and new technologies will all be explored in the magazine.

“There’s so many stories that don’t get told when you’re keeping up with the day’s events,” said Kevin Hagen, CEO of PotNetwork Holdings, the parent company of PotNetwork News. “With PotNetwork Magazine, we can tell those stories. Whether it’s a vape shop owner or a CEO of a billion-dollar licensed producer, now we can take the time to find out what makes the cannabis industry tick.”

He added: “For the parent company, publishing a magazine is exciting since it expands and underscores our position as an informational authority to the cannabis industry and our mission as a media company. Simultaneously we remain focused on the rapid growth of our product portfolio of hemp-derived CBD products from our other subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc.

For its inaugural issue, set to come out in Q4 of 2018, PotNetwork Magazine has an exciting slate of stories planned. There will be a close look at the ag-tech sector with a feature on home-grown marijuana, along with an expansive review of the new marriage between the beverage industry and cannabis. PotNetwork Magazine also plans a few in-depth interviews that readers won’t want to miss, including their feature article with George Scorsis, the CEO of Liberty Health Sciences, one of the fastest growing medical cannabis companies on the market today.

“With PotNetwork News we tell readers what’s going on every day in the cannabis industry,” said Brandon A. Dorfman, Editor-in-Chief of PotNetwork. “With PotNetwork Magazine we can give our readers so much more, telling them not only what’s going on now, but what happened before and what will happen in the future. It’s really an exciting time to be a part of things around here.”

The magazine is also an opportunity for businesses in the industry to connect with one another, as there will be ample space for advertising. With broad-based readership across the industry expected, along with widespread circulation, cannabis businesses can take this opportunity to connect with potential customers and clients on the pages of one of the hottest names in the industry. For information on how to advertise in the magazine, businesses can contact advertising@potnetwork.com.  

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