Pot Stock Pioneer Medical Marijuana Inc. Has Record-Breaking March 2018

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC: MJNA) and its subsidiary Kannaway “booked the largest-ever (unaudited) sales revenue in its history in March of 2018” according to a statement released by the company.

Medical Marijuana March Madness

Medical Marijuana made several moves throughout March that contributed to their record-breaking month.  Through the first-ever hospital sponsored cannabis symposium in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Medical Marijuana agreed to provide materials to support the Lutheran University of Brazil (Ulbra)’s “research to evaluate the use of CBD in patients with Parkinson’s disease in partnership with Dr. Kelson James Almeida, neurologist and current technical director of the Integrated Rehabilitation Center (CEIR)”, as reported by Guacha Saude. This research has the potential to validate CBD use and remove general the stigma.  The company’s CEO Dr. Stuart Titus is hopeful that the “research conducted in partnership with the university will provide more information to the medical community and lessen the resistance to the use of cannabidiol” per the company’s statement.

March was also a month that draw favorable media attention the company’s way.

In addition to the CBD research in Brazil, their subsidiary Dixie Botanicals released new Energy Kick flavors which lead to “positive news coverage in several national and international publications including CBS’ The Doctors, The Washington Post, Epicurious, Glam and more” according to the company’s website.

Dr. Titus hinted that the there is more good news from last year’s numbers.  In the same statement Dr. Titus said, “[w]e look forward to sharing our full 2017 results in our Annual Report which will be filed this month,” and Dr. Titus has reason to be excited.

The Three-Peat

The announcement of March’s success comes as the company reported recorded breaking numbers for January and February 2018.

In March, Medical Marijuana announced that February 2018 “generated the largest-ever (unaudited) revenue month in its history.”

The February numbers were impressive as well.

According to the company, “February 2018 revenue was more than 400% larger than February 2017 revenue and was significantly greater than January 2018 revenue”.

January 2018 was kind to the company as well; it too holds the distinction of breaking revenue records.  Medical Marijuana credits January’s success to the general “growth happening throughout the entire cannabis industry” as well as “launching its newest subsidiary Phyto Animal Health and obtaining positive news coverage in several national and international publications including TMZ Entertainment, FOXNews.com and Hemp Magazine” in a statement from the company.

Pot Stock Pioneer and Company of Firsts

Medical Marijuana Inc. is company has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry.  They are credited with holding “the distinction of being the first publicly listed marijuana stock” according to Forbes.

Subsidiary Kannalife Sciences falls in line with the company’s trailblazing ways in the cannabis space as it “holds the first two licenses awarded to develop and commercialize drug treatments under the U.S. government’s only cannabinoid patent” per Medical Marijuana Inc.’s website.

The investment in Brazil’s CBD research is not the first time Medical Marijuana has been a presence in the country.  In another first, Medical Marijuana “became the first medical cannabis product to be approved for import and use in Brazil” according to a statement.   

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