An Oregon dispensary delivered free pizza with its weed over Super Bowl weekend

The Mt. Hood Cannabis Company of Rhododendron, Oregon wanted to announce its new cannabis delivery service with a splash that really appealed to their customers, and what better way than by solving that perennial problem of tokers worldwide, the munchies, while getting some media attention to boot?

High Times reported that Mt. Hood Cannabis Company partnered with Mogul Mountain Pizza to deliver a free cheese or pepperoni pie to anyone ordering a half-ounce of cannabis flower (which starts at 50 bucks) between February 1 and 3.

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“We were enjoying a joint and a slice of Mogul Mountain pizza while brainstorming marketing opportunities for our dispensary when it hit us,” said marketing director Devin Houston in a statement. “Let’s announce our new weed delivery with free pizza, and what better way to kick it off than over Super Bowl weekend. Our shop works really hard to engage the local business community and since their pizza was so inspirational, partnering with Mogul Mountain Pizza was a no brainer.”

Apparently, the pizzas weren’t piping hot on arrival, but of the ‘take-and-bake’ variety, so customers had to heat them up at home. Commenting on this, Houston said “That way they have time to roll a joint, get baked, and the pizza’s ready to enjoy,” which actually does make some sense. That way, by the time the pizzas were baked, the customers were too.

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Mt. Hood Cannabis Company, which is family-owned and services the local area and ski resorts on Mt. Hood, also recently partnered with local charities. They sponsored a food drive that collected 450 pounds of food for a local food bank, and collected 100 pairs of winter gloves for local kids. “The best thing for the cannabis industry to be successful is community engagement and local business support,” said Houston.

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