Ontario golf course Rolling Greens is embracing cannabis in a big way

For years, golfers have discretely lit up a doobie while on the links, providing a little green relief amongst verdant green fairways, whether or not their golf clubs even tacitly condoned the practice or not. However, what has always been a discrete dalliance for golfers is becoming officially sanctioned at the first ever “cannabis-friendly” golf club in Canada—and perhaps the world—reports Weedmaps.

Ontario golf course Rolling Greens is embracing cannabis in a big way
Rolling Greens golf course in Smiths Falls, Ontario

A private golf club in Smiths Falls, Ontario is transforming itself into a toking golfer’s paradise, not just by officially condoning a little mary jane on the links, but by fully revitalizing and transforming itself into a pot smoker’s paradise.

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Formerly known as Lombard Glen, the club is renaming itself Rolling Greens and is planning multiple endeavors to embrace cannabis on the links. For example, Rolling Greens plans to partner with marijuana producers to let them “theme out their own hole, from tee to green and everything in between,” said Gordon Weiske, a partner in the club’s ownership.

“If you're going to go for it, go for it. All in. And that's what we've done,” Weiske said.

This is only possible because, even though most Canadian provinces have enacted restrictive public consumption laws for cannabis, private golf courses are some of the few open spaces that can set their own rules. And more and more young people are expressing that they feel comfortable smoking pot on the links, as opposed to older golfers.

Meanwhile, Rolling Greens hopes to be more than just a course where the average golfer smokes a doobie before teeing off. Rolling Green is positioning itself to be a major attraction for marijuana-smoking tourists.

“We're going to be like the Las Vegas of cannabis,” Weiske said. “We're expanding the 164 acres to have an age-gated, 19+ entertainment park where there'll be mini-putt, they'll be virtual reality games, there will probably be a drive-in movie theater. Like, we've got room to expand. The golf course is just one part of it.”

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Apparently, the plan is also to make Rolling Greens the toast of the golf world, which is desperately looking for ways to attract new players, as numbers fall. “We just came in from the Toronto golf expo, which had 25,000 people [on Feb. 8-10, 2019]; 25,000 people came in, and we were the absolute hit of the expo,” Weiske said. “We had all the other club owners coming up to us saying, 'Oh, yeah, we were thinking of doing something like that.'”

“We went all the way,” Weiske said, “and because we've gone all the way, everybody else is only going to be a follower.”

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