One pot company is trying to undercut your dealer by offering lower prices & legal bud

Marijuana proponents have long argued that legalizing will replace the black market with a legal, regulated one, putting shady characters and your neighborhood pot dealer out of business. However, this isn’t always the case, and one marijuana company is seeking to do something about it.

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, some potheads would still rather, ahem, deal with a dealer than go into a marijuana dispensary. According to a study done earlier this year, a whopping one-fifth of California consumers are still buying their mary jane from the illicit market even when a legal substitute is available. One of the main reasons is cost. All that regulation and quality control comes with additional taxes and higher prices. Plus many dispensaries market their cannabis as a premium product.

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Acres Cannabis, a dispensary in Las Vegas, has noticed this trend and is fighting back with a vengeance. Their latest brand, BMK, which is short for Black Market Killer, offers ten different strains that provide varying effects and (here’s the kicker) is priced lower than the sketchy stash for which your friendly neighborhood bud boy is selling it.

“With BMK, we lowered the price point to effectively kill the black market,” John Mueller, CEO of Acres Cannabis told The New York Post. How much lower? “It’s sun-grown rather than grown in a 10,000-square-foot indoor facility. That helps us cut the cost to $25 per one-eighth of an ounce,” says Mueller.

They’re marketing their product vigorously as well. Acres Cannabis is going in tough, with a huge billboard near the Vegas Strip promoting their bud. “Ditch your dealer, stop into a dispensary,” it says. According to the Post, which calls it the “box-wine” equivalent of marijuana, due to BMK’s straightforward packaging and somewhat lower THC levels, Acres is marketing it as an every-day weed. That’s instead of an “epicurean” experience likened to, perhaps, a fine wine. While other companies go for the high end, Acres is marketing to the masses with BMK.

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“Our bud tenders tell us that they bring BMK to parties, and keep the fancier cannabis at home for themselves; just like you put your fine bottle of Cabernet on a top shelf and save it for a special occasion,” Mueller told the NY Post. “After taxes, BMK might be slightly higher than the black market stuff. But our cannabis is government approved and stringently tested for purity. It won’t contain e-coli or salmonella like the black market pot sometimes does. The idea is to put out a product that eliminates poop-weed, as we call it.”


*Header Image: Photo via Acres Cannabis

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