Nutritional High’s California Dream

Dec 21, 2017

Canadian company Nutritional High International Inc. (CSE:EAT) (OTCQB:SPLIF) sent out a statement on Wednesday publicizing the release of their FLI vape cartridges, which are now for sale in several medical dispensaries across the state of California. The company previously disclosed in mid-November that a licensed manufacturer would handle production of the vape cartridges per Nutritional High’s specifications. Along with principals from the manufacturer, Nutritional High is working to develop standard operating procedures that the company hopes to extend to all of its extraction facilities, as well as to future manufacturing partners.

Nutritional High carved out a spot in the cannabis-infused products industry, through the production and distribution of consistently dosed products such as edibles and oil extracts. Their current focus is on the nutritional, medical and adult recreational use sectors. Situated only where cannabis is legal and regulated, Nutritional High works through licensed facilities to develop and manufacture their products.

The development of standard operating procedures is a strategy adopted by the company to ensure quality and consistency in the FLI product line. An initial focus will be in producing a small selection of the FLI line, specifically the FLI Select, High Terpene and Premium products. Assuming success, other concentrates and edible products will follow.

"We are very excited to reach this important milestone,” remarked company CEO Jim Frazier. “Today marks the day that FLI-branded products are now sold in two states and also the first anniversary of the initial launch of the FLI brand in Colorado.  Having the backing of a strong distributor in Calyx provides us with an important strategic advantage to ensure we develop a strong presence in California as recreational sales are launched in the New Year."

Consistent with other cannabis companies, Nutritional High is eagerly awaiting California open recreational market, which will commence on January 1. Until then, the company and its manufacturing partner intend to comply with the parameters set up under the Cole memo, meaning that they currently do not produce or distribute cannabis for recreational purposes in the state of California.

Nutritional High continues to look for opportunities to enter other areas, including Nevada’s legal cannabis market.

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