Now You Can Pre-Order Your Weed With Leafbuyer

Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:LBUY), an online resource used by cannabis consumers to find products and dispensaries, entered into a partnership agreement with greenRush Group, a cannabis delivery service. The partnership has produced an online pre-ordering platform through Leafbuyer’s website, and it is expected to change the cannabis consumer’s shopping experience by making it easier and more discrete.

In a statement, Leafbuyer COO Mark Breen explains “[p]lacing pre-orders through the Leafbuyer Network saves time by allowing consumers to privately browse the dispensary’s selection, place their order, pick up, and pay, at their most convenient location. Also, online ordering provides better tracking while alleviating customer frustration. Consumers will not need to stand in long lines during peak shopping hours.”

Pre-Order Services Help Consumers and Cannabis Businesses

Pre-Order services like Leafbuyer’s can also benefit dispensaries.  One challenge that the cannabis industry continues to face is banking.  In an industry that is cash heavy, safety becomes a concern for businesses as they are vulnerable to robberies and theft.  If pre-order services allow consumers to pay through the app, this can reduce the number of cash transactions for the dispensaries limiting cash on site.  Apps like CanPay offer a pre-order service allowing consumers to link their checking accounts to the system for payment.

Could Pre-Order Be The Precursor to Delivery?

Lightshade, a Colorado-based cannabis dispensary company with eight locations, is participating in the launch of Leafbuyer’s pre-order service.

Cannabis pre-order services offer a great alternative to delivery for a convenient sales transaction.  Consumers who would typically prefer to have their recreational or medical marijuana delivered to them now can have their products ready for pick-up at the dispensary which is an asset in states that prohibit cannabis delivery.   

Leafbuyer’s partnership with greenRush and Lightshade positions to the company to be a major player in the Colorado cannabis delivery scene when deliveries become official in the Rocky Mountain state.

Cannabis delivery legislation called HB1092 was approved by the Colorado House of Representatives earlier this year but died in the Senate last month.  Members of Senate sided with Colorado State Patrol who were against the bill.

In a Westwood article, Colorado State Police Major Steve Garcia said, "This bill creates an additional workload for already taxed law enforcement agencies across Colorado."  Groups for a cannabis delivery system in Colorado argue that the delivery system would make law enforcement's job easier because of the tracking systems attached to the service.  They also tout the benefits of delivery to expand access for patients who are either too ill to pick up their medical cannabis or live too far from a dispensary.

A hand full of states including California, Massachusetts, and Oregon, where adult use is legal, offer marijuana delivery services.

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