The Notorious B.I.G.’s son has unveiled a cannabis company in honor of his slain father

On Thursday, March 7, Christopher Jordan Wallace, son of the legendary slain rapper the Notorious B.I.G., announced the creation of his own cannabis company, Think BIG, in an interview with Forbes. The partnership with his stepfather Todd Russaw and entrepreneur Willie Mack is meant to honor his father, 22 years after his death.

Christopher, or C.J. for short, is calling the cannabis brand ‘Frank White,’ after one of the aliases the Notorious B.I.G. used.

According to the company website, “The Frank White brand remembers the days when big-hearted men were locked up by a small-minded system for lighting up. We are here to usher in a new era where cannabis is recognized not as contraband but as a catalyst for creativity.” Details of specific products within the Frank White brand, pricing, or availability have not yet been announced.

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C.J. sees cannabis as a way he can connect with his father, also known as George Latore Wallace, whom he is named after and who used cannabis frequently in the creation of his music.

He told Forbes, “Frank White stands for complete creativity. My parents used cannabis in their regular daily life; in the studio, to medicate, to relieve stress, but most importantly for their creative expression. Growing up and seeing so much creative talent in and out of our house, from Pharrell to Missy, and witnessing all this genius and the creative work that was being crafted in the studio, I felt the energy and all the incredible vibes that were there. Cannabis was important for my mom, and it was important for my father, so that was enough proof for me to know cannabis is a real tool for creative expression.”



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Think BIG will also have a film division utilizing the extensive collective experience of the three co-founders in the film and entertainment industries, to “create content that magnifies the voices of underrepresented minorities”, including documentaries, TV shows, and music.

Inspired by the failure of the war on drugs, and the persecution it caused in the inner city, Think BIG will support various causes “that advocate for social and criminal justice reform, including the fights against mass incarceration and climate change,” according to its website. These organizations include NORML, the Minority Cannabis Business Association, and the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

C.J.’s business partner, Willie Mack, told Forbes more about how the company was created.

“CJ and I met in the summer of 2018,” he said. “He came to me as a client because he wanted to start a cannabis company. I really wasn’t interested in doing another ‘celebrity’ cannabis brand. I loved his father and grew up on his music, but I wanted to know what CJ wanted to do—what were his hopes, dreams, and passions. Think BIG is a culmination of CJ, Todd, and my personal and professional dreams for the future. We are taking our time to build Think BIG not just as a brand, but as a legacy.”

“Our challenge to the world is to first think bigger about your place in it. The rise of social justice movements like BLM, LGBTQ+ rights, and the fight for socially equitable democracies around the world is rising and cannabis is a big part of that conversation,” said Mack. “I have been in the cannabis industry for over four years now, and it is one of the fastest growing industries globally for a reason, because it touches every part of society; legal, finance, banking, creativity, art, design, legal, politics, education, science, beauty, cosmetics, agriculture, climate change! These two plants, cannabis and hemp, are going to change, and maybe, save the world.”

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In a statement on Instagram the following day, CJ announced “Today I am so proud to announce the launch of Think BIG, my first business! I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since the original idea of developing my own company came about. So much hard work and dedication has gotten us to this point & this is only the beginning! Together we will challenge the world to honor cannabis as a tool for creativity and healing.” He also announced a limited edition T-shirt, now being sold on the Think BIG website, which “will serve as a memorial until we can build something to honor his life, music, and the creativity he gave to the world.”

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