The NFL may be about to end its cannabis ban

As public opinion of cannabis usage quickly changes, most professional sports leagues have remained steadfast in their opposition to it and continue to ban players from using it. Only one U.S. pro sports team has ever even taken on a cannabis sponsor, while sports leagues and their teams continue to take great strides to distance themselves with any cannabis associations. It’s a broad banishment that may soon come to an end. The National Football League is reportedly considering “major concessions regarding the substance-abuse policy, especially as it relates to marijuana,” reports NBC Sports.

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Their source, from within the NFL, says that these marijuana concessions will be part of negotiations with the NFL Players Associations, the union that represents players. They will be implemented in the next Collective Bargaining Agreement, the contract between the union and the NFL. The details about how far the NFL is willing to go in its concessions with the players association aren’t known, but according to NBC Sports’ source, they could go as far as completely removing restrictions against players’ marijuana usage.

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The ramifications of the concessions which the NFL is prepared to make can get complicated, though. For example, if complete legalization is achieved, the league will have to institute a procedure for players charged criminally with marijuana-related crimes in states where the herb is still illegal. It would also have to address free agent players who might have a penchant for cannabis flocking to legal states, thereby giving the league’s teams in those states an advantage.

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