New Products Hitting the Market Are All About Appreciating High Design... While Getting High

Dec 15, 2017

"For some cannabis-curious consumers, good design just might be the ultimate gateway drug," Quartzy says quirkily of the latest wave of high-design smoking and toking accessories and other aesthetically driven marijuana merch hitting the marketplace. With the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis and its widespread social acceptance, as well as the legal market's booming financials, from accessories to packaging, retail interiors, and even magazines, the market for everything beautiful in the world of cannabis is exploding.

Above, a store interior from Mr. Green, in L.A.'s Echo Park, is just magnificently hipsterish. Quartzy goes further in depth about some beautifully designed pipes, ashtrays, and yes, even a magazine quixotically called 'Broccoli.' Oh, those high hipsters.

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