Brooke Alpert, Editor-at-Large for CBD Snapshot
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A new CBD magazine hits the scene

Within the last five years, CBD, short for cannabidiol, one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis, has gone from near obscurity to ubiquity. It is increasingly available at shops as diverse as drug stores and online retailers. You can buy CBD gummy bears, CBD creams, CBD coffee, CBD Shampoo, CBD protein powders, CBD beer, CBD chocolate, and even CBD deodorant. Hemp-derived CBD has been legalized across the country, although somehow the law is still enough of a gray area that a grandmother was recently arrested at Disney World (and then released, with all charges dropped) for its possession.

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CBD is everywhere, it seems. So, it’s about time that the booming CBD market gets a magazine to cater to consumers hungry for information. Now, as Texas is about to fully legalize CBD in the state, a new magazine based in Dallas, Texas is capitalizing on its booming popularity.

“CBD Snapshot” is a bimonthly print magazine which is aiming for high-quality reporting on CBD, while cutting through a lot of the hype and misinformation that surrounds the cannabinoid. Editor-at-large Brooke Alpert told the Dallas News she wants the magazine to be "a go-to resource for customers and readers.” According to Alpert, it will feature research, personal stories, and articles that focus on what CBD really can and can’t do, sorting through the scientific claims and identifying proven high-quality products.

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"It’s such an awesome product, but it’s not a miracle drug," she said. "I want to cut through all of those smoke and mirrors." Nevertheless “I can only see it getting bigger at this stage,” which is why the magazine exists, she said.

CBD Snapshot’s current distribution is 125,000, the company told the Dallas News. That’s an impressive figure considering decreasing subscription rates for print publications across the industry,  especially considering it costs about $8 per issue on national newsstands or about $20 for an annual subscription.

The magazine has 11 full-time staff members. Alpert is based in New York City, but the magazine's headquarters, along with most of the staff, are in Plano, a suburb of the Dallas area. It will be on national newsstands, including stores such as Barnes and Noble, Target, Walgreens, and Natural Grocers.

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Alpert, a dietitian and author of two nutrition-related books, spoke of her husband’s use of CBD to handle his chronic pain, numbness, and cramping in legs and hands, from an autoimmune disease. The CBD capsules he takes minimize his symptoms.

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