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This new cannabis device will turn any pipe into a vaporizer

Portland-based Prrl Labs is launching an innovative new product which will turn any cannabis pipe into a vaporizer, by sending a concentrated jet of heat at the bowl, thereby vaporizing your bud instead of burning it. Vaping is considered a ‘cleaner’ way to consume cannabis and releases more distinct terpene profiles.

Two initial beta models, the Prrl and the Ember, are available for preorder. Created by Inventor and company founder and CEO Mark Lewis, both the Prrl and Ember are handheld devices made of wood, containing a coil that heats up to super hot temperatures.

Source: www.theprrl.com

The Prrl is a sphere which held above the pipe by the user, with the heating coil facing the bowl. The Ember is a little block that includes a handcrafted wooden pipe which attaches perfectly to the Ember, creating an enclosed vaping system. According to the Potlander, the final version of the Ember will use interchangeable gauges to fit over any kind of pipe, but currently, it must be used with the enclosed pipe to work correctly. Although there is no flame, if the device is left over the pot bowl long enough, the bud could catch fire.

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The Prrl and Ember are available for preorder from Prrl Labs in their initial beta designs. Both are currently offered at a discount.


*Header Image: The Prrl

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