New ‘Cannabis and Communication’ course on offer at the University of New Mexico this spring

As cannabis goes mainstream, it’s getting the academic treatment from several colleges and universities, which are offering classes on the subject. The latest school to announce a cannabis course is the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque. It’s a course on cannabis and communications (course number CJ 293), and it’s being taught by Associate Professor Tamar Ginossar this spring. According to the El Paso Times, it’s generating quite a lot of buzz on campus.

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These days, cannabis is covered widely in the mainstream media, so a university course on the intersection of communications and cannabis has a lot of ground to cover. Located within the Journalism and Communications Department, CJ 293 will explore the “communication of health and medical issues surrounding cannabis,” says a UNM announcement. It will examine cannabis through a variety of topics in the realm of communications, like “interpersonal communication, political communication, journalism, and entertainment media.”

Ginossar says “Marijuana is an important, controversial and emerging topic in the U.S. and globally.” And they're using the wide appeal of cannabis to broaden the range of the communications department and increase its exposure to students across the university. "Our goal is to introduce UNM students in all majors to the department and the fields of communication and journalism by engaging them in exploring some of the many different communicative dimensions of marijuana.”

Notably, the introductory course is open to all students, and not just students with communications majors.

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“For example, we will examine elements of intercultural communication, coverage of marijuana in the news as well as new media — digital/social — as a political issue, and from a health communication perspective,” says Ginnosar.

New Jersey Cannabusines Association from Potnetwork on Vimeo.

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