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The Nation's First Cannabis Spa Could Open Soon in Denver

By Sean McCaughan
Feb 12, 2018

Colorado keeps racking up marijuana firsts in the United States, with the first cannabis coffee shop, the first cannabis gym, and now potentially the first cannabis spa. (The spa will not, however, have the first cannabis yoga class, as Mashable proclaimed. They already have yoga at the gym) Being the first state to legalize recreational marijuana certainly helped.

The Utopia All Natural Wellness Spa and Lounge, in Denver, submitted a social consumption application on Wednesday, which is basically an application for a license for a business to allow the consumption of cannabis on their property. Besides these businesses, cannabis use is typically limited to homes and other private places. Mashable and other sites reported on the application submission, which is to include " cannabis-infused massages, ganja yoga, and other cannabis-friendly activities to patrons 21 and older, as well as meditation coaching, educational seminars, and patient support and networking groups," according to a press release provided to Mashable.

The space will also have "cannabis-friendly cooking classes, corporate retreats, and other private functions." Although cannabis-infused massages will be on offer, it won't be a dispensary, so Mashable says not to expect to purchase any cannabis products on site, which means that unlike at most spas, which sell the products they use, you won't be able to take some of the cannabis-infused lotions and potions used in the treatments home with you.

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