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Namaste, HelloMD compete for online medical cannabis consultations

According to a statement released last week, Namaste Technologies Inc.’s (TSXV:N) (OTCMKTS:NXTTF) cannabis telemedicine app for Google Android devices is now available in the play store for download. NamasteMD allows patients to receive a free online consultation for medical cannabis within 15 minutes of the app’s signup process.

The app also connects Namaste’s patients with over ten licensed medical marijuana providers throughout the country, all of whom have partnered with Namaste. According to a previous statement, in just over two months, 14,000 registered users signed up for the program, which represents a 130 percent increase in users. Namaste hopes that by September patients will be able to receive real-time consultations.

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“We have been overwhelmed by the acceleration rate of our registered users and anticipate seeing even faster growth having now received approval from Google,” said Sean Dollinger, Namaste’s President and CEO in a statement. “With approximately 50 percent of mobile phone users operating on Google Android devices, we are expecting to see patient numbers accelerate even quicker than we have experienced so far.”

Namaste expects to receive their medical cannabis "sales-only" license shortly, which they hope will increase revenue margins at their Cannmart subsidiary. According to a statement, they predict a 50 percent margin on all cannabis products sold online.

Telemedicine expands to medical cannabis patients

Namaste Technologies tapped into a medical resource gaining in popularity the last several years. Telemedicine is used to connect patients with medical resources ranging from psychology to pediatrics. The resource is particularly helpful for patients in rural communities where medical care may not be readily available.

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Canada is not a stranger to the telemedicine industry. The province of Ontario is home to the Ontario Telemedicine Network, the largest telemedicine network in the world according to the Digital Journal. Namaste Technologies is designed to make access to medical cannabis easier for patients.

And Canada is not the only country where telemedicine and medical marijuana meet. In the U.S., states like New York and California allow patients to receive medical marijuana prescriptions through telemedicine. Companies like HelloMD were even developed in the U.S.

HelloMD to offer extended-hour medical cannabis consultations

In a statement released last week, HelloMD announced they would begin to provide same day medical cannabis consultations for patients in Canada. Available seven days per week until 10:00 P.M. to allow working patients time for consultations, the service will connect people with Licensed Producers to purchase cannabis flower or oil prescriptions.

"Discretion, convenience and quality care are at the core of what we offer at HelloMD. Stigma and lack of accessibility are significant barriers for many Canadians in obtaining quality cannabis healthcare,” said Pamela Hadfield, HelloMD Co-Founder in a statement. “We simplify the medical cannabis certification process so that everyone can achieve their health and wellness goals in a judgment-free zone, from the comfort of their own home if desired.”

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