MTV To Air Weed Show Starring Distant Royal Family

Sure, it’s good to be King, but it’s also good to be the nephew of the Duchess of Sussex. Duchess Meghan Markle’s nephew, Tyler Dooley is an American cannabis farmer and certainly isn’t shy of taking advantage of his royal connection to sell some weed or even go on TV. His legal grow operation, Royally Grown, already released a strand of mary jane named after the Duchess, called Markle Sparkle. Now he’s been given his own reality TV show by MTV. Herb reports:

“The show is set for production by MTV and is scheduled to feature Dooley’s legal grow-op, which he conveniently named ‘Royally Grown.’ It will feature Dooley’s mother, Tracy, his girlfriend, Sandra, and his brother Tom as recurring cast members. Dooley and his family captured MTV’s attention because of how different their lives are compared to the Royal Family.”

MTV hasn’t released an announcement yet on when the show will air.


*Photo via Royally Grown

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